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Even a little goes a long way

May 17, 2021
Even a little goes a long way

If you’ve installed the latest version of the Espresso app, you might have noticed that a mask has appeared on the app icon, as seen above.

While the mask needs neither introduction nor explanation, the idea is that even though this isn’t a big step from our end, it’s an important reminder in these trying times we’re all going through.

We thought it prudent to mention a couple of things more.

Yes, it’s the same app!

Rest assured, the app works just as smoothly as you’re used to. Even though the “e” is hidden slightly, it’s safer, more cautious and keeping up with the times, as we hope you are too!

Why we did it?

Primarily, we did this as a little reminder for all those who use our app. It’s a simple action on our part to do our bit against COVID-19, but it may have an impact on our 5 lakh+ app installers who see it on their phone screen.

It is with that in mind that we’ve made this tweak. Please maintain COVID protocols if you venture out of your home – maintain social distancing, avoid touching your face when out and practice double-masking (elaborated below).

Parent company BNP Paribas contributes to the Indian effort

BNP Paribas, the parent company of Sharekhan as well as Espresso, has supported and is currently supporting the French government in delivering medical equipment to India for COVID-19 relief efforts on the ground, which includes Oxygen concentrators and much-needed medical equipment. BNP Paribas, headquartered in Paris, France, is empanelled with the Government of France in its international relief efforts during this rampaging Second Wave of the pandemic.

All about double-masking

While we have you here, you might want to read up on a high-efficacy recommendation made by medical experts and backed by GoI. It’s termed as double-masking and here’s how it works:


  • Double-masking consists of the use of a surgical mask and a double- or triple-layered cloth mask on top of the surgical mask
  • The surgical mask should be pressed tightly on the nose bridge such that no air escapes from top
  • Ensure that breathing is not blocked
  • Use clean masks


  • Do not pair two masks of same kind
  • Do not wear the same mask for two consecutive days

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