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We Are a Listening Organisation

May 28, 2020
We Are a Listening Organisation

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say…

Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone…

Do not listen with intent to reply, but with intent to understand…

These are some very thought-provoking quotes on listening.

When we were brainstorming on our brand name, we wanted it to display energy, adrenaline, connect with the millennial – a name one can identify with that was easy on the eyes and ears. But most importantly, we wanted to zero in on a brand name that heroes listening!

Historically, people (and hence companies) love to talk – talk about what they are, what they aspire to do and so on. Very rarely do you find companies that say, “I will shut up and listen.”

We believe good companies talk, but great companies listen. Yes, we aspire to be a listening organisation. Which is why we were the first in the broking industry to Beta-test our platforms. We invited a number of trading enthusiasts to trade on our platforms for a month-long period, heard them as they spoke to us, listened to their suggestions with intent, and this has actually helped us build a roadmap of what our product offerings should be!

We believe listening is a sensible thing to do, as our customers will give us feedback, suggestions, ideas et al. We also aspire to listen to what the trusted names in our industry say, what the regulators say – indeed, we intend to keep our eyes and ears always wide open to listen to the world!

This, we believe, is the first stone required to build a credible organisation.

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R. Kalyanaraman
by R. Kalyanaraman

Chief Executive Officer

I am a sales guy at heart with utmost willingness to listen to people – customers, employees, competitors et al. Nothing gets me a bigger adrenaline rush than an interesting conversation with my customer!