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Espresso App – Everything you need from a discount broker, right in your palm!

A whole gamut of things that matter to investors and traders alike come together in the quick and seamless experience of the Espresso mobile app

The world of stock broking is changing,

and so are your needs

  • That's why we got our platforms tested by trading enthusiasts
  • With our “voice search tool”, we go one step further to continuously engage with you to provide better tools and services

One step closer to your needs

  • Our user interface is designed to help you reach your desired result in fewer clicks
  • Features such as the bottom shortcut bar help with faster navigation through the app

Notifications beyond price alerts

Track your favorite stocks not just by price but also
through corporate announcements and actions

Placing an order is now quick, easy and FREE

  • Auto margin calculator on the order window
  • Order window built for both trading and investing
  • Bracket orders for both Intraday and Delivery
  • Free GTD (Good Till Date) orders

Taking the first step is now as easy as brewing coffee!

  • Easy access to fundamental data
  • Smooth charting with advanced tools

We keep an eye out for you

  • Trade in and track top-performing scrips across all segments
  • Real-time market scanning with market movers