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Our Purpose Why Pay Only When You Profit Is at the Heart of the Espresso Experience

May 12, 2020
Our Purpose Why Pay Only When You Profit Is at the Heart of the Espresso Experience

Capitalism drives innovation, profits, shareholder value and so on. We typically tend to trade or invest in stocks that are likely to be more “profitable” for us. So, the word “profit” is deeply engrained in our psyche. When we laid the edifice of Espresso, the word “profit” haunted us a little bit! Profit for what, profit for whom and other such questions kept us awake at night.Many organisations are driven, rightfully so, to generating higher profits, higher returns on capital employed and so on, and this is a must for survival.But is that the sole purpose of any business?These discussions typically mar the fundamental reason for any organisation’s existence – CUSTOMERS.We believe that what is right for our customer is right for us. So, when we designed our value proposition, we thought why should our customers pay us if their trades are resulting in a loss? While the brokerage business is, among other things, about earning brokerage commission, if our customers have an off day and their trades go bad, is there any way we can show them that we care for them...that we empathise with them? And that’s when we decided on the Pay Only When You Profit proposition.This is why our customers will PAY ONLY FOR THOSE TRADES THAT RESULT IN PROFITS FOR THEM. Yes, you’re reading it right – as an Espresso customer, you PAY ONLY WHEN YOU PROFIT!This is our small way to show that we care. This is our small way to show that we are there to hand-hold you, and more so on your bad days in the markets. This will also, hopefully, instil a little more discipline in your trades when you know no one is charging you on a loss-making trade!After all, at Espresso, we care that you succeed!

R. Kalyanaraman
by R. Kalyanaraman

Chief Executive Officer

I am a sales guy at heart with utmost willingness to listen to people – customers, employees, competitors et al. Nothing gets me a bigger adrenaline rush than an interesting conversation with my customer!