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Why the Name “Espresso”

February 10, 2020
Why the Name “Espresso”

A name that defines what we do

The epic Mahabharata was dictated by Sage Veda Vyasa and written by Lord Ganesha. The Lord was chosen by the Sage for his simple yet important trait – he could just listen better than the others! Now, why am I narrating this story behind our brand?

Espresso fundamentally believes in this simple trait – that we should listen better.

Well…an Espresso is typically a conversational vehicle. If you want to discuss something with your partner, meet up with your old friend, prepare for a presentation, sort out with your business associate or simply want to spend time in solitude, an Espresso comes to your rescue!

And that’s what we aspire to be, in some sense. We want to be your “go-to” conversational partner/associate/friend—however you want to put it—for your investment needs.

A name that connects much deeper

From the start, we were clear we didn’t want the name to be about what we do. So, no oft-repeated words like “securities", "broking", "investment solutions" and the ilk. We wanted to capture what happens in the minds of our customers, make it sound contemporary, young and freshly brewed. We also wanted the brand name to be easy on the eye and, more importantly, one which our customers could easily identify with it and have a sense of ownership for. We wanted the brand to be approachable.

Lastly, we have observed that the new set of traders and investors are high on adrenaline and energy and brimming with ideas all the time. We wanted to capture this trait in our brand!

We have rejected multiple names to arrive at Espresso. For example, Whiz (which sounded a tad all-knowing), Jumpp (denoted excitement, rocket and so on).

If you think we are doing a good job in servicing you, talk to us. If you think we are doing it badly, talk to us FOR SURE. If you think you have ideas to help us improve, talk to us. We will be all ears all the time. We want to be a learning organization and learn from the entire ecosystem – customers, competitors, regulators, et al. We believe we are determined to help you succeed.

An Espresso also perks up the mood…so, if one feels a little low, one can grab an Espresso and get rejuvenated! After all, that’s what an ESPRESSO friend is supposed to do, right?

R. Kalyanaraman
by R. Kalyanaraman

Chief Executive Officer

I am a sales guy at heart with utmost willingness to listen to people – customers, employees, competitors et al. Nothing gets me a bigger adrenaline rush than an interesting conversation with my customer!