Why does a session expire on the Espresso website/app?

On the Espresso website/app, a session expires in case there is no activity on the trading screen for 4 hours. In case the session expires frequently, we request you to configure the following settings:

• Delete temporary Internet files from your browser by entering its settings, tapping Delete Files and then tapping Delete Cookies.
• Enter your browser’s Privacy settings and go to the Advanced settings. Once there, select Override Automatic Cookie Handling.
• Opt to accept first- and third-party cookies and select the Always Allow Session Cookies checkbox.

Request you to try logon to the website and access your account. Further, we also request you to update below mentioned settings if you are getting session expired at your end: Tools >; Internet options >; privacy >; Move the SLIDER to 'MEDIUM' and then Click on 'Apply' and then 'OK '.

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