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Platforms Tested by Trading Enthusiasts

Efficient, user-friendly and vibrant – that’s the cornerstone of Espresso’s wide array of platforms that serve every trader and investor’s need. These platforms have been tested by trading enthusiasts!

5 features we are proud of

Synchronized watchlists for trading

Synchronized watchlist

No need to create separate watchlists
across website, mobile and desktop

Espresso’s watchlists now allow 100 scrips
to be added! Read more in this blog article.

Dynamic Alert Tool for trading

Dynamic alert tool

Packing in more than just price alerts, get real-time alerts
about all possible actions that may influence your stock price 


Scanners for trading

Scanners are now free!

Real-time market scanning with
market movers FREE of cost

Check out some cool app features
we've added recently in this blog article

Quick and Easy order placement for trading

Quick and easy order placement

View all important information on one screen
and place trades through in fewer clicks

With Espresso, fund transfers are faster and
more seamless with 31 supported banks!
For details, check out this blog article.

Trading Charts

High-quality charts with multiple free tools

  • Multiple timeframes
  • Multiple views in two clicks
  • Scroll your Chartbook with one click
Espresso Mobile App

Espresso mobile app

A whole gamut of things that matter to investors and traders alike come together in the quick and seamless experience of the Espresso mobile app. Click here to view features in videos.

Espresso Desktop Platform

Want a Web trading platform that’s advanced in its functionalities yet easy to use? Log in to Espresso web and start trading! Click here to view features in videos.

Binge – Designed for Pro Traders

Unleash the power of trading with Binge! Experience class charts, real-time feeds, multiple market scanners and much more to lend a hand to your trading. Click here to view features in videos.