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“Dil Mange More” Watchlist Features in Espresso!

May 04, 2021
“Dil Mange More” Watchlist Features in Espresso!

From Cash market scrips to NIFTY / Bank NIFTY Futures & Options to Currency to Commodities, our traders and investors love to add scrips on to watchlists! Traders and investors traditionally create watchlists based on their portfolio as well as sector-wise and segment-wise watchlists. In this short piece, I wanted to talk about Espresso’s watchlist features and something new we’ve added on popular demand.

As you know, Espresso is one of the few discount brokers whose app provides predefined watchlists PLUS separate watchlists for Intraday leverage stock (MIS and MIS+ products) PLUS customised watchlists that are in sync across all digital assets, including Espresso’s desktop application Binge.

The Espresso app also stands out given that our users can add and view more columns like Open, High, 52-week High, 52-week Low along with the NIFTY/SENSEX bar on watchlists even on the restricted space that a mobile screen provides!

Now, as you might already know, till recently we used to allow only 50 scrips to be added on custom watchlists. However, Espresso’s customers have demanded this limit to be increased.

We are happy to inform that Espresso’s watchlists will now allow 100 scrips to be added!

Starting with the next updated version of our platforms, Espresso customers will now be able to add 100 scrips in a single watchlist. So, in 5 custom watchlists, users will be able to track up to 500 scrips with real-time price updation.

This functionality will work across platforms!

As an organisation that is always listening to our customers, Espresso is more than happy to add this Dil Mange More feature so we can stay true to our commitment to deliver more for our customers’ success!

Chandresh Khona
by Chandresh Khona

Product Offerings Head

A teacher, writer, travel buff and now Espresso's Product Offerings Head. Ten years here has allowed me to lead the digital team at Sharekhan. My true passion lies in stock market charts.