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Inherent Perils of Intraday Trading

Traders and investors orchestrate their trading strategies to have the desired capital gain through the maneuver. Traders explore several markets and employ several tactics to make their blueprint more refined and result-oriented. The viability of a trading strategy depends greatly on the mode of execution. 

Published on 11 March 2024

Intraday trading is one of the ways traders prefer to implement their trading strategies. However, there are contingent jeopardies with intraday trading that traders need to consider before proceeding to trade with the same. It allows them to reformulate their trading roadmap. With the same, they can avoid market misgivings. Through the following passages, we will understand the significance of intraday trading, its mechanics, and contingent jeopardies that traders must consider. 

Intraday Trading-Holistic Perspective and Understanding

Intraday trading refers to the trading that traders need to open and close within the market hours of the day. One may place trades across multiple markets using the online trading best app while employing an intraday trading strategy. Traders and investors may employ bullish trading strategies when placing intraday trades. However, in intraday trading, traders have the flexibility to place trades using short-selling options. Short-selling refers to selling before opening a trade and further buying to close the same. Traders execute short selling when they speculate the price of the defined script will likely fall. Subjective to market conditions and traders' speculation, they may employ the former or the latter. 

Things to Consider Before Proceeding With Intraday Trading

The following are the latent threats that may impact your bottom line:-

  • Rapid Changes: The intraday market observes extreme price changes rapidly, making it difficult for traders and investors to fathom the market momentum. Even well-seasoned traders have a hard time making reasonable decisions while placing their trades through intraday trading. The rapid changes that occur due to the tug-of-war between the bulls and bears often lead to adverse financial outcomes for traders and investors. Hence, traders and investors placing their trades in this market need to plan their trading course accordingly. 
  • Time Limitation: Traders need to settle the trade by the end of the working hours of the same day. The same causes a sense of hastiness, causing traders to make sub-optimal trading decisions. The same leads to less likely financial outcomes from trade placement. Traders and investors placing their trades in the market will likely have an adverse financial outcome from the trade placement. Well-seasoned traders have a hard time making the required decisions while planning their course with the online trading best app. Novices find it overwhelming and overbearing to assimilate aspects of intraday trading and make informed decisions. The same often leads to adverse financial outcomes from trade placement. 
  • Extreme Volatility: The volatility of the intraday market is unfathomable and may cause adverse financial outcomes from trade placement. Traders and investors have a hard time implementing their market maneuvers while placing their trades with an intraday mode of trading. The same makes it difficult for traders and investors to make the best of available trading opportunities. 
  • Failure of Technical Analysis: Traders thrive on technical analysis to plan their course of action. In many markets, intraday trading has become more contingent and does not follow any pattern or norm to make a sensible anticipation. It becomes difficult for traders and investors to make sensible trading decisions with the same. Traders and investors often face adverse financial outcomes from trade placement due to their failure to make sensible speculation. 
  • Leverage Risks: Leverage risks are more associated with intraday trading. With a relatively higher risk for trading, traders and investors face a major challenge when they use leverage to maximize their holdings. 

Empirical Measures to Counter the Associated Risk of Intraday Trading

The following are some of the measures you can take to limit market misgivings you may suffer with intraday trading:-

  • Stop Loss Orders: Stop loss orders allow traders and investors to limit the sudden losses they may suffer from the extreme price movement of the intraday market. However, traders and investors must trade with trusted brokers like the Espresso trading app to have the best experience. 
  • Trading Goals: Opening and closing trades holds paramount importance in the investment paradigm. When opening and closing trades, traders and investors need to be more agile and should act as per their pre-determined course of action if the market shows tolerable fairness. 
  • Finance Management: Managing the finances is important for traders and investors. With proper money management, traders can increase their chances of having the desired financial outcome. 

Concluding Remarks

Intraday trading is filled with risks and inherent perils that traders must counter to have the best experience. Traders must take appropriate initiatives to avoid market misgivings when going for intraday trading. 

Chandresh Khona
Team Espresso

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