Share Market Knowledge Center

To maximize your returns on investments, Espresso offers a comprehensive knowledge center, divided into various modules, providing in-depth explanations of investment concepts, terms, strategies, and practices. By utilizing our knowledge center, you will gain the necessary expertise to navigate the share market effectively & make informed trading decisions, ultimately enhancing your trading experience.


Demat Account

Learn about the basic concept of a Demat Account and find out how it can help you access analytical tools, research reports and other useful features in a single, secure place.


Share Market

Are you still curious about how the share market works? Get answers to all you need to know about the share market and learn how can one trade or invest in the same.


Trading Account

Trust us, it’s a little different from a Demat Account. Find out what differentiates the two and how a Trading Account will help you sell or purchase shares in the market.


Online Share Trading

Gone are the days when you had to trade or transfer shares with so many forms and formalities. Learn how easy and smart online share trading become these days!


Intraday Trading

Buying and selling stocks on the same day is called as Intraday Trading. It’s no rocket science – you too can master it completely. Just don’t miss these insightful learning sessions.


Commodities Trading

Now, gold, silver and crude oil can come in your portfolio too. All you have to do is learn the basics to get started and identify the right commodities to trade in.


Currency Trading

Be it Dollars or Pounds, you can trade both to bring some extra glitter to your portfolio. Learn how currencies are traded globally and make the most of your knowledge.


Futures and Options

The future of all trading is in the Options segment. This might sound hard to crack for beginners but they can now learn how it works and start trading too.



With so many IPOs having taken the markets by storm, how can one be sure which one to apply for? Find out the basic objective of each IPO and what makes one worth applying for.


Your Trading App is what helps you to buy or sell shares and even make long-term investment decisions without any paperwork or hassles. Discover what makes a good Trading App.


Trading API

Build your own custom strategies or connect directly with third-party platforms to execute trades swiftly and effortlessly through our powerful APIs – absolutely FREE!