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Zero Brokerage Online Trading Account in India

Before one starts to invest in the capital market with their trading account, it is important to know the basics of trading online. While the internet is a great place to start expanding on your knowledge about investments, it is recommended to find a reliable investment specialist who will guide you along the way. This is because unless an investor is committed and disciplined, they can incur heavy losses in the stock market.


Published on 11 January 2022

To make investments convenient and cost-efficient, investors should get a zero brokerage trading account online. Zero brokerage trading comes with a host of benefits that make it more favourable as compared to a traditional trading account. Before we explore the advantages of zero brokerage trading, let us get a recap on our basics.

The Basics of Investing in the Capital Market

When one decides to invest in the financial market, they need to open a Demat account that will hold the financial commodities of the capital market, such as stocks and mutual funds, in an electronic form. In addition to this, they will also need to open a trading account online to buy and sell shares.

For a seamless transaction, the trading account is linked to the investor’s bank account. Here is where a broker comes in. Investors will need a depository participant (DP) with whom they can open a trading account online and who will facilitate the trades on behalf of the investor.

To make the most of your experience while trading online, you must look for a broker who offers the cheapest brokerage plan, as this will help enhance your profitability. In this endeavour, nothing shines better than a zero brokerage trading account provided by discount brokers.

Advantages of Zero Brokerage Trading in India

There are several benefits of opening a zero brokerage trading account online, especially for those investors who are seeking more value in their trading. Even if you are new to trading online, a zero brokerage trading account can help you save more and invest wisely. Here are some benefits of trading online with a zero brokerage account:

  • Zero brokerage trading comes with a significantly lower commission rate on transactions compared to a traditional trading account online.
  • Certain providers have also enabled zero delivery brokerage on loss-making trade With a zero delivery brokerage on loss-making trade facility, clients can have some extra money on their hands. This is because they need not pay any brokerage fee if their intraday trades have borne losses. Basically, zero delivery brokerage on loss-making trade is when you only pay when you profit
  • To encourage trading online and make informed investment decisions, several zero brokerage trading providers equip investors with powerful market analysis tools
  • The broking platforms for trading online are made such that your investments are secure and you can save time with quick and efficient transactions.
  • For zero brokerage trading, the account opening process is effortless and hassle-free. You can open your trading account online by eliminating all the paperwork and simply uploading scanned copies of your KYC documents.

How to Find the Best Discount Broker in India

With zero brokerage trading gaining popularity in India, there is a peaked interest amongst the investors to find a suitable broker who would offer them the most suitable zero brokerage services. As brokers are an essential element of trading online, proper research is recommended before you open a trading account online.

Here are some suggestions to find the best discount broker in India:

  • Ensure that the broker you choose to open your trading account with has enrolled at SEBI as they come with the assurance of legitimacy.
  • The trading platform of your discount broker has to be user-friendly, smooth, and quick.
  • Good customer service is another essential factor as it will ensure that your provider can assist you when you are stuck. Make sure that the service provider promptly responds to your requests and addresses your concerns.
  • Check the commission that is charged by your discount broker. Several brokers claim that they are providing zero brokerage services, whereas, in reality, they have hidden costs involved.
  • Check the services that are offered as a package with the trading account. these services might include a market analysis, investment advice, zero delivery brokerage on loss-making trade, etc.
  • The ease of account opening process is another factor that can help understand the convenience of the services provided

To conclude

The concept of zero brokerage trading is set to shape the financial markets with lower commissions, user-friendly trading platforms, and the provision of tools to help undertake an independent analysis of the market. However, to avail of these facilities, investors will have to choose the right discount broker and research carefully on the services provided.

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