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How To Start Online Trading in Stock Market

Nowadays, trading has become one of the most popular ways to invest and increase your wealth. There are many different platforms you can use for trading, but one of the most popular is trading in the stock market. In this blog post, we will teach you trading in stock market in India.

Published on 02 February 2023

We will cover everything from choosing a broker to understanding stock prices and charts. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, this blog post has something for you!

What is Online Trading?

Online trading is buying and selling financial products or services through an online trading platform. It allows investors to purchase securities such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds), bonds, and other derivatives over the internet in a secure trading environment. There are various trading platforms available in India that offer trading services to investors.

Benefits of Online Trading

Mentioned below are the major benefits of Online Trading:

●       Higher Profit

One of the main benefits of trading online is that it can lead to higher profits. This is because trading through a broker involves a lot of commissions and fees, which reduces the amount you get from your trading activities. By trading online, you can save on these costs as you do not have to pay commissions or fees.

●       Lower Risk

Another benefit of trading online is that it can reduce the risk associated with trading in the stock market. When trading through a broker, they will usually try to diversify your portfolio by investing in different stocks and bonds, which means that if one investment goes wrong, your entire portfolio could be affected. However, when trading online, you can limit the amount invested in each stock or bond so that if a single investment goes bad, the rest of your portfolio will remain secure.

How to Start Online Trading in Stock Market?

Starting trading online in the stock market is a simple process. Here are some steps you should follow if you want to get started:

1.      Choose a Stockbroker

The first step when trading in the stock market is to find a broker. A broker is a person or company that facilitates trading between buyers and sellers of securities. You will need to decide which trading platform you want to use and then research different brokers who offer services on that platform. Make sure to read reviews about brokerage firms before making your decision.

2.      Open a Demat and Trading Account

Once you've opened a Demat and trading account, trading in shares and other financial instruments is much easier. To open a trading account, you need to fill up an application form with the broker of your choice. The trading account will be linked with your Demat account, allowing you to buy and sell stocks online without paperwork.

Most trading accounts provide trading software that can be used to track securities prices and conduct transactions on the stock exchange.

3.      Understand Tax Implications

Before trading in the stock market, investors need to understand how the government of India taxes their trading activities. All profits from trading in securities such as shares, or derivatives are subject to capital gains tax at different rates depending on the duration of holding stocks. It’s important to keep trading records and pay taxes on time.

4.      Start Online Trading

You are now all set to begin trading and gain online trading expertise. You could do your research by utilizing these potent trading tools and learning the fundamentals of the share market. Check out the growing stocks, add them to your wishlist, and keep an eye on the news. You can enter your buy/sell orders after choosing a share.

Tips to Do Online Trading Safely

Here are some tips on how to do trading online safely:

➔    Know Your Stockbroker

One of the most crucial steps in safely trading online is choosing the right stock broker. Ensure that you select a stockbroker registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and has experience trading in markets in India.

➔    Manually Enter the Web Address

When trading online, it is essential to manually enter the web address of your trading platform to ensure that you are on the correct website. Do not click on any links sent to you via email or text, as these could lead to malicious websites.

➔    Consider SSL Protection

When trading online, it’s important to keep your information secure; SSL protection can help protect you from malicious actors.

The Bottom Line

Trading in the stock market can be a lucrative investment opportunity with great rewards. However, trading also comes with significant risks, so it is important to plan ahead and practice trading safely. If you are new to trading, it is recommended to research and understand the basics before trading in the market. With the proper knowledge and understanding, trading in stock markets can be a successful venture.

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