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Understand Why Share Market is Down?

The stock market refers to the buying and selling of stocks/shares, financial securities, and equities. If you've been a regular investor in the stock or share market, you must've heard quite often "why the share market is down today" or "Why Stock Market is Falling".

Published on 04 March 2023

But have you ever wondered what this means? Is it good or bad? The answer depends on a few things. This article will help you understand why the market is Down Today or on some specific day.

Before moving on, let's first look at a few stock market basics.

How does the Share Market Work?

Share markets are regulated and provide a secure space where interested investors can transact in shares and other securities or financial instruments. Companies looking to raise additional funds or capital can easily list their shares for sale on the stock market while fully controlling their business.

Investors can sell and buy diverse types of shares and bonds, such as corporate bonds, to add wealth to their financial portfolios. However, it is vital to remember that even the share market comes with its share of risks. They are known for their volatility, as investors can make radical profits on some days and suffer compelling losses on others.

The biggest worry for investors regarding the share market is what if it falls or crashes and how it will affect them in such cases.

Factors that Cause the Share Market to go Down

A stock/share market crash occurs when the price of a share drops significantly in a day or two. It is connected to the declining global economy and poor performance in financial markets. When someone asks Why Share Market is Down Today? it mainly refers to the two markets known as NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

The factors that are the reason Why Stock Market is Falling are:

●       Various economic factors

Variable interest rates, a declining economy, deflation, inflation, tax increments, financial and political changes, the changing value of the Indian rupee, and changes in economic policy are a few of the various economic factors that cause the fall of the stock market.

Such situations are beyond the control of investors, and they can cause an enormous change in the demand and supply of various goods and services.

●       Demand and supply

This is another major factor in Why Share Market is Down Today or on a specific day. The prices of shares change due to changes in demand and supply equilibrium. For example, the share price increases when demand is high, but supply is low. On the other hand, when supply is high and demand is low, it causes the share price to decrease. When these changes occur on a larger scale, such as between various companies, it affects the entire share market.

●       International events

What happens globally — the economic conditions of various countries can cause radical changes in a stable country, leading to war-like situations or even natural disasters. These events are unforeseen and cause significant changes in the share markets.

●       Global/international markets

A primary reason why stock prices are falling is because of global economic trends. When the global economy grows or declines, it affects stock market prices on the domestic front. A worldwide decline can result in a drop in the Indian stock market too.


The stock market is volatile, so its fall or rise is inevitable. However, it is essential to note that market crashes are temporary, not permanent. The economy will always revive itself, no matter what. The factors mentioned above for why the share market is down today indicate that the market will rise again.

Additionally, not panicking in any situation will help you to know all market trends. Also, you must keep an eye out for any changing dynamics in the share market.

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