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How to Calculate Share Price?

The demand and supply can determine a share price. When there is an increase in demand, the share price will increase, and if the demand is low, it will decrease. Stock prices depend heavily on the stock's ask and bid.

Published on 03 February 2023

An ask is the offer to sell specific amounts of shares at a certain price, and a bid is an offer to purchase certain amounts of shares at a particular price.

The exchanges can calculate share price instantly by looking for a price at which all the shares get transacted. The price might change when there is a change within the selling or purchasing of the shares.

Calculating the Share Price: How to Do It?

It's vital to know how to calculate share price so you can easily determine the market cap of a particular share. To know how valuable all these shares are for the traders, you need to opt for the last updated value of the business's share. After that, multiply it by the outstanding shares.

Another share price calculation method is calculating the share prices through the price to the earnings ratio. To calculate the P/E ratio, you need to divide it by the stock price by its earnings within the past 12 months. Here is the calculation:

“Intrinsic stock value = P/E ratio x Earning for each share”

Many growing organizations are said to have a much higher P/E ratio. But the established companies, on the other hand, have slower P/E growth rates.

Company Share Price and Value: Things to Know

Even learning how to calculate share price is simple, but it's also crucial to understand demand and supply well. Compared to supply, having a good understanding of demand can be challenging. The stock's price movement shows investors' feelings about a business's worth.

But how exactly do they determine the business's worth? Well, there is one factor, and it's the current earnings of the company. On certain occasions, investors look way beyond the numbers. This means the price of a particular stock will not just reflect the current value of a business but also reflect a business's prospects. This is the growth that all the investors expect from the company in the upcoming future.

How to Determine the Initial Values of the Share?

Once you learn how to calculate market share, you also need to know how to determine the initial values of the share. Business shares are issues at the primary market, known as IPO or Initial Public Offer. The shares are issued in this part for all the general public to raise funds to meet the capital needs.

The share's initial price gets determined within the Initial Public Offer and also considering the company's net present value and performance. When trading begins, the share price will start to fluctuate according to the supply and demand of the shares within the secondary market.

The share prices might increase when there are more stock buyers and decrease if there are more stock sellers.

Factors That Indirectly Affect the Share Price

Right before you learn how to calculate market share, you need to learn about the various factors which can affect the share price indirectly. So, what are these factors? Let's find out!

1.    The Economy

Most investors might need to pay more attention to the effects of the current economic situation when projecting share price changes. The condition of the global economic trends and the nation's economy are two primary components influencing the share price.

The demand for stocks and funds will increase when there is a lower interest rate [lower bank rate]. But when the interest rate is much higher [higher bank rate], the demand for stocks and funds will be less.

2.    The Government Policy

The policies of today are defined as having a great amount of impact on the values of the stock market share. Investors are said to respond in a positive manner to all the government's tactics. This allows the stock values of the enterprises and the enterprise itself to begin to climb.

But the unfavourable tactics, especially the ones that involve taxes, can cause all the shareholders to lose their faith. In the end, a sell-off takes, which sends all the potential stock values plummeting.

3.    The Political Situation

This might appear as a small point, but it's one of the biggest factors among all the others. Investors will always avoid nations that are experiencing political unrest or upheaval.

It's because such situations can increase the chances of destroying their investment. Besides that, any type of change within the domestic political setting will have a small impact on the price action of the stock market securities.


Learning how to calculate share price can help you determine the market cap of a particular share. Be sure to learn more on how to calculate the market share price through this article, as it contains some helpful information on the share price, which will be beneficial for you.

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