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Double Bottom Pattern

If you're a trader, then you've probably heard of the double bottom pattern. This is a bullish reversal pattern that indicates that the stock has found a support level and is likely to start rising again. In this blog post, we will discuss what the double bottom pattern is and what kind of profit potential it offers. So if you're ready to learn about one of the most popular trading patterns around, keep reading!

Published on 31 January 2023

What is a Bullish Reversal?

A bullish reversal happens at the end of a downtrend when sellers lose momentum and there is a change in the direction from a downtrend to an uptrend. The price will once increase in between before reaching lower than the previous low.

There is a horizontal line that is drawn at the highest point of rebound and is called the neckline. Since there is a downtrend initially and then an uptrend, a double bottom pattern is known to be a bullish reversal. There are a few pros and cons to a bullish reversal


It clearly defines the levels. The neckline is considered to be risky and helps to determine profits only when the pattern is activated. It means that the correct drawing of a double bottom pattern is crucial.


The biggest limitation that a bullish reversal has is that it is a bearish trend and there is a risk of the market continuing in the same direction. Hence, it is vital to consider all factors of the technical indicators before investing in the market.

What is a Double Bottom Pattern?

A double bottom pattern is extremely important. In this pattern, there are two lows, and the second low breaches the support level or the neckline, which confirms the pattern of a W. It is a reversal trend that indicates a change in momentum. It suggests that a buy/bullish signal has been indicated. It is a type of candlestick pattern which can even be found in bar charts and line charts. It represents the drop in the price before increasing twice in succession. The lows are basically two bottoms.

Candlesticks are of two types-

One dark color denotes a high opening price than its closing price

The other one is the lighter color denoting that the closing price is higher than the opening price.

What Does a Double Bottom Indicate?

A double bottom indicates a correction in the downtrend. The best way to recognize a double bottom pattern is to check the lows. Also, apart from the lows, volume is another important aspect. A double bottom pattern is best for long-term trading and even intermediate trading. It helps traders calculate the risks and identify the index’s future.

There are a few factors that traders need to keep in mind when trying to identify a double bottom.

  • A minimum 3-month chart is to be studied to identify a double bottom pattern. Long-term traders would even wait for a period of 6 months or a year to identify the pattern better.
  • You should keep in mind that the price rise is approximately the same height as a double top bottom formation.
  • The price breaks beyond the neckline signaling that the buyers are in control and the market will likely move higher. In short, the downtrend has bottomed, and the prices are about to rise.

A double bottom pattern is very helpful to know if there has been a shift in the market with regard to the price. However, it’s important to know that if it’s not analyzed in the right way, then a trader might lose profits. Also, it’s preferable to use the pattern over longer time frames to make sure that the trend has been studied correctly, without any anomalies.

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