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What are the Benefits of Investing In IPO?

IPO, or an Initial Public Offering, is the first time a company issues stocks for the purchase of the common public. Investors can then make gains on these stocks that may appreciate over the course of time. While there are many benefits of investing in an IPO, there are many risks associated with it as well. Therefore, before you invest in an IPO, you must understand the benefits of the IPO to investors.

Published on 15 July 2022

Let us get into the benefits of investing in an IPO.

Why Should You Consider Investing in an IPO?

The most important reason to invest in an IPO is to buy shares of a company. This can be advantageous for you for many reasons. The first reason is that you would be able to get your foot in the door of a profitable company that might otherwise not be open for you. Moreover, there is no additional cost of buying IPO shares which can help you save money.

This is because underwriters are mostly given the responsibility of distributing these shares, and they do not charge money from the company that they are working with, unlike standard stocks in which the stockbrokers charge money for their services. Moreover, there is another benefit that is getting information about the company and the industry. If you buy shares in an IPO, you can get all the publically available information about the company and also any MNPI(Material Non-Public Information).

Let us get into the advantages of buying an IPO.

Benefits of Investing in an IPO

Here is the list of benefits of IPO to investors:

  • Higher liquidity

When the company goes public, investors can sell their shares in an open market. This helps the investors to earn profits without having to wait for their shares to be repurchased by another investor. Thus, if the shares of a company can be sold and bought anytime, it increases the liquidity for the investors. Thus, this is one of the major benefits of IPO to investors.

  • Diversification

When a company goes public, the shares trade among investors on an exchange. This creates an environment of diversification as no investor holds a majority stake in the shares of the company. Also, when investors invest in different companies, they tend to diversify their portfolios, which is good. This is one of the advantages of buying an IPO.

  • Greater access to capital markets

An IPO allows a company to raise money from institutional investors, which cannot be possible in the case of angel investors or venture capitalists due to other securities laws and legal restrictions.

Moreover, the exchanges are open markets that have different types of investors who can invest through brokers or dealers and other financial intermediaries. Thus, companies tend to have access to capital that otherwise they may not have.

  • Fulfil long-term goals

IPOs are equity-based investments, and they tend to be profitable in the long term. This is because the corpus that you build through investing in an IPO can be used to fulfil your goals and long-term objectives. Besides, the IPO market in India is growing at a tremendous rate, so it is one of the top benefits of investing in an IPO.

  • Greater price transparency

The price of each security being offered in an IPO is clearly mentioned in the document on the IPO order. Thus, this gives you the same information about the price as any big investor in the market. But, once the shares get listed on the stock market after the IPO, this scenario will change. The price of the stocks will be defined by the changing market circumstances and the price that your broker will offer. This is one of the top benefits of an IPO to investors.

  • Buy cheap and earn more

The price at which the IPO is offered is sometimes the lowest price when it comes to smaller companies that have the ability to grow bigger. It also happens that the shares get offered at a discounted price. There are many stories in the stock market where you will find such instances. Thus, this is one of the major benefits of investing in an IPO.

  • Stringent norms

To safeguard the investors, IPOs tend to be safer and more professional. The prospectus that the company provides to the investors carries all the information like the financials, growth, risks, and future plans. This gives the investors information about the company before they make a decision regarding investing in the IPO.


Thus, these are some of the top benefits of an IPO that you must know about. Before you invest in an IPO, it is important to understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses and then make a decision regarding investment. Also, assess your risk profile and then invest in an IPO accordingly.

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