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11 New Features Developed by Traders, Developed for Traders

August 12, 2022
11 New Features Developed by Traders, Developed for Traders

Your smooth trading experience is what it’s all about at Espresso!

Inspired by your suggestions and feedback, from Jan to June 2022, Team Espresso has developed 11 well-brewed features that are Developed by Traders, Developed for Traders.

Let’s briefly look at these features. Readers can click the Read More hyperlink within each section to read a more detailed description of that feature.

1. Split Order Functionality – place large quantities in a single order

Challenges faced by traders

  • Missing a price opportunity while placing a large-quantity order
  • Don’t like placing multiple orders manually for large quantities
  • Want a SINGLE click process in order to save time and stay productive

How the Split Order Functionality on Espresso platforms helps

  • System-driven order breaking into small orders as per regulations
  • Single CLICK process when you spot a trade to ENTER/EXIT
  • System tested on handling 50,000+ quantity for NIFTY Options
  • Smart machine work handled by in-house Information Technology Team

Read More on the Split Order Functionality

2. Smart Basket – Push multiple orders across Exchanges at the same time!

What traders need

  • Want to bifurcate scrip list for Strategy, Trading, Hedging and Investments
  • Having a trade plan for the next day and want to repeat it without redoing it
  • Market gives GAP Up/Down opportunity, how do I make use of it?
  • Need to know margins pre- and post-execution to know hedge margin benefits

How Espresso meets these needs through Smart Basket Orders

  • Get 10 Baskets to meet your various strategy creation orders
  • We offer multi-segment with product selection
  • Experience ease of adding scrips from multiple touch points
  • Repeat and reset Basket as per your trading needs
  • Flexibility to rename and no restriction of validity tenure

Read More on Smart Basket Orders

3. DoM (Depth of Market) Trading – Place Buy/Sell orders looking at market liquidity from Charts

What traders need

  • Before entering a trade, want to be sure of liquidity
  • Scalpers need to know difference of Bid/Offer with quantity and price
  • Want to place an order while looking at the row of Bid/Offer
  • Want to see upfront MTM in chart window

How Espresso meets these needs through DoM Trading

  • Be aware of Demand and Supply for the selected scrip/contract
  • You can place Limit and Market Orders in a single click having active selection of Bid/Offer row
  • Get upfront report showing MTM and Booked P&L figure
  • Most suitable for scalpers to compliment the speed required

4. EZYOption Watchlist – a custom-made Options Watchlist that can be accessed in one go!

What traders need

  • As NIFTY closing figure changes every day, traders need to make the effort to adjust the Strike Price of the Option contract that they wish to transact on
  • Want an easy way to create Option Watchlist as per my Strike intervals
  • Want to utilize time for analysis rather than creating a Watchlist
  • At one glance, want to view Live NIFTY Value, Future and Option Strikes

How Espresso meets these needs through EZYOption Watchlists

  • On one click, load Spot Future, CE/PE ATM, 4 Strike OTM, 4 Strike ITM
  • Set range strikes from ATM/OTM/ITM, Spot Future, CE/PE sorting
  • Powered with upfront selection for NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, FINNIFTY
  • Predefined order settings available – Product Type, No. of Lots, Stop Loss - Book Profit

Read More on EZYOption Watchlists

5. Mouse Trading – Place all types of orders from Charts!

What traders need

  • Can do analysis on chart price, but not able to place orders quickly
  • Want to place all types of orders from Charts
  • Spotting trade to Enter/Exit is easy, similarly need order placements
  • Simple one-click order form without any additional detail input

How Espresso meets these needs through Mouse Trading

  • Charting facility comes with Order Window
  • One-click order placement without any movement of hand on Binge – Espresso’s desktop trading platform
  • Auto-filled data for quick order placements
  • Predefined order settings available – Product Type, Quantity – Lots, Stop Loss - Book Profit

6. Option Chain – Now with LIVE Greeks

What traders need

  • Creating/adding/removing Option Scrips on Watchlists and at the same time switching between two different scrips
  • Trading or creating Basket Order from Option Chain is not easy
  • Get LIVE Greeks, OI data on Option Chain
  • Trade in OTM Option contract
  • Placing Bracket Order and squaring off from Net Position is an issue

How Espresso meets these needs through Option Chain with LIVE Greeks

  • Mirror scroll – Simple visual data presentation
  • Performance – Long/Short buildup, Time Value, Probability of Profit
  • Real time IV & Greeks
  • Chart – OI, OI Change, Multi Strike (coming soon)
  • Upfront Order placement – hovering on Bid-Ask Price

Read More on Option Chains on Espresso platforms

7. TradingView Pro – Trading now more intuitive and even smoother!

What traders need

  • Want easy toggle from one chart to another, while opening multiple charts
  • Need advance indicators and smart drawing tools
  • Want easy order initiation and want to view multiple tabs as CTA
  • Access from any channel and with last work saved

How integrating TradingView Pro meets these needs

  • Tab facility provided to open multiple charts and access with minimal effort
  • Auto save layout, multi channel support, 8 charts per tab available
  • Super-charged charts with 15+ time frames
  • Pro features like Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Point & Figure
  • Advances charts with no cost 100+ indicators, 50+ drawing tools like Gann, Fibonacci and so on
  • Trade from chart, live MTM, square off positions

Read More on TradingView Pro integration on Espresso platforms

8. Instant DP to Pledge – Increase margin limits instantly!

What traders need

  • See an Intraday opportunity, but don’t have sufficient Cash Limits
  • Want instant Margin Limits!
  • Don’t want to place scrips one-by-one to generate Margin Limits
  • Want multiple pledge requests in a day
  • Require Margin Limits to transact in F&O generated by pledging of stocks for F&O trading to meet my strategies

How instant DP-to-Pledge helps

  • Get INSTANT limits as soon as you place Pledge request and consume Limits for your trading
  • This facility of Limits generation is available throughout market hours
  • Approved stock list count: 1,034* as on Aug 4, 2022, basis internal RMS policy
  • Bulk pledge request available; place at one go with the Select All function!

Read More on Instant DP to Pledge

9. MIS and MIS+ extended Auto-Square-Off timings

What traders need

  • Don’t want Auto-Square-Off charges
  • During Intraday trading, want to create new positions after 3:10 PM

How Espresso meets these needs through extended Auto-Square-Off timings

  • Auto-Square-Off service is FREE of cost. No additional fees charged!
  • We have extended Auto-Square-Off timings from 3:10 PM to 3:18 PM onwards.
  • Can create fresh positions till 3:18 PM. Time extended from 3:10 PM.
  • For smarter Intraday trading, we have set up the Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) facility.

Read More on MIS and MIS+ in Options on Espresso platforms

10. MyGTD (Good Till Date) – Pre-place orders with up to 180 days of validity | Available in Derivatives too

What traders need

  • If a particular price comes by this period, it is good to Enter/Exit
  • Want to keep few strategic orders pre-placed with my broker
  • Want to plan my strategy on a non-trading day and want a way to record my trade plan from passive to active
  • Want to be assured there will not be a fund shortage situation when market conditions meets my price

How Espresso meets these needs through MyGTD (Good Till Date) Orders

  • Place orders with up to 180 days of validity. You can also modify, cancel and repeat.
  • MyGTD available in the Derivatives segment too!
  • Orders are placed with Margin Blocking, hence no need to worry about fund management at the last minute.
  • Flexibility of order placement also available post market hours and on non-trading days.

11. Pre-Apply IPO Facility – Apply for IPOs well before IPO last date and even on weekends!

What traders need

  • Want to place IPO bids well before IPO last date to avoid a last-minute rush
  • Want facility to apply for IPOs available on weekends and post-market hours
  • Want to place BID for all the categories available in the IPO
  • Want to view history of IPO orders applied in the past

How Espresso meets these needs through the Pre-Apply IPO facility

  • Available 4 or 5 days before the actual IPO opening date.
  • No need to block funds immediately. Once IPO opens, you will be asked for fund blocking approval via UPI.
  • You can modify/cancel Pre-Apply IPO orders.
  • Historical records of applied IPOs are available with application status.

BONUS FEATURE | AMO (After Market Orders)

What traders need

  • Want to grab an opportunity for likely Gap Up/Down opening of market at 9:15 AM
  • Have multiple trade plans, but have to wait for market to open the next day
  • Want flexibility to place orders in multiple segments and across products
  • Do not want orders to get rejected due to margin shortfall

How Espresso meets these needs through the AMO facility

  • After Market Hours order window is open after EoD process and even on trading holidays
  • Placed orders are backed by margin fulfillment, hence no situation of last-moment fund arrangement
  • Facility is available for all segments and across products
  • You can modify, cancel, repeat orders during AMO hours

Read More on the After Market Hours facility

At Espresso, we know that every trader has her/his own trading style. We want to be the platform that takes your trading that next mile!

Your feedback makes us more agile, so please keep those coming.

Happy trading with Espresso!

Chandresh Khona
by Chandresh Khona

Product Offerings Head

A teacher, writer, travel buff and now Espresso's Product Offerings Head. Ten years here has allowed me to lead the digital team at Sharekhan. My true passion lies in stock market charts.