Smart Basket - Place Multiple Orders in one go on Espresso!


Introducing Smart Basket – Now place multiple orders in one go on Espresso!

June 15, 2022
Introducing Smart Basket – Now place multiple orders in one go on Espresso!

For traders, speed is an ally.

And Espresso is committed to helping traders succeed! To this end, we’ve launched the Smart Basket functionality, which allows you to place multiple orders at the click of a single button.

With the Smart Basket functionality, you can place orders for multiple scrips all at once. While creating a Basket, you just create multiple orders for the same or different scrips from the various segments and club these orders together to be placed in a single go. Confused? Don’t be! We’ve given the step-by-step journey below for your convenience.

How this functionality saves you time and effort

  • Push multiple orders across Exchanges at the same time
  • Add scrips to a Basket from a Watchlist or Option Chain!
  • Get margin benefit for hedge positions
  • Get real-time price and order status updates in the Basket!

Placing Smart Basket orders – A step-by-step journey

  1. On the Espresso website, in the top menu, click on SMART BASKET. Optionally, you can go to Hamburger menu | TOOLS | SMART BASKET.

On the Binge desktop platform, visit MENU | Trading Tools | Smart Basket:

  1. The following Baskets window will open on the Espresso website as well as on Binge. This window contains a list of Baskets and you can choose one from the list. You can change the Basket name. For now, a maximum of 10 Baskets are available and 15 scrips or contracts can be added to a single Basket:

  1. Once you’ve selected a Basket in the above step, the Basket order window opens up and you can search and add scrips in your Basket. As mentioned earlier, a maximum of 15 scrips can be added in a single Basket from across segments. Margin figures will update themselves based on the scrips added to the Basket. Once satisfied with the Basket, you can push the Smart Basket order for execution by clicking PUSH ORDER.

    Note: You can add scrips to Baskets from Watchlists and Option Chains as well!

  1. All the scrips in the Smart Basket will be pushed to the Exchange and the order status will be updated on the following post-execution window. You can add new scrips in the post-execution window as well!

    Note: The post-execution window of a Basket will auto-reset at the end of the day.

The Smart Basket functionality will soon be available on the Espresso mobile application.

Chandresh Khona
by Chandresh Khona

Product Offerings Head

A teacher, writer, travel buff and now Espresso's Product Offerings Head. Ten years here has allowed me to lead the digital team at Sharekhan. My true passion lies in stock market charts.