Espresso Shot : Next week key Corporate Action April 5- April 9, 2021


Espresso Shot : Next week key Corporate Action April 5- April 9, 2021

April 01, 2021
Espresso Shot  : Next week key Corporate Action April 5- April 9, 2021

Corporate Action Details
SymbolCompanyCorporate ActionEx-DateFace Value(Rs.)
SBILIFESBI Life Insurance Company Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 2.5 Per Share05-Apr-2110
SAREGAMASaregama India Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 20 Per Share05-Apr-2110
SRTRANSFINShriram Transport Finance Company Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 6 Per Share05-Apr-2110
LIBASLibas Consumer Products Limited Bonus 1:506-Apr-2110
NACLINDNACL Industries Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 0.15 Per Share06-Apr-211
SHRIRAMCITShriram City Union Finance Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 10 Per Share06-Apr-2110
EDELWEISSEdelweiss Financial Services Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 0.90 Per Share07-Apr-211
RVNLRail Vikas Nigam Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 1.14 Per Share08-Apr-2110
SISSIS LIMITED Buyback08-Apr-215
INDNIPPONIndia Nippon Electricals Limited Interim Dividend - Rs 6 Per Share08-Apr-215
BRITANNIABritannia Industries Limited Interim Dividend08-Apr-211

Some Key Ratio
SymbolCompanyPE RatioMarket Cap (Cr)Dividend Yeild
SBILIFESBI Life Insurance Company Limited60.7788361.270
SAREGAMASaregama India Limited30.272880.060.09
SRTRANSFINShriram Transport Finance Company Limited18.6236421.880.35
LIBASLibas Consumer Products Limited064.190
NACLINDNACL Industries Limited19.64747.590.26
SHRIRAMCITShriram City Union Finance Limited10.719447.30.42
EDELWEISSEdelweiss Financial Services Limited06218.272.11
RVNLRail Vikas Nigam Limited7.746150.813.86
SISSIS LIMITED05862.530.51
INDNIPPONIndia Nippon Electricals Limited21.86847.621.8
BRITANNIABritannia Industries Limited49.4488381.80.95

Price Movement
SymbolCompanyCl. Price on Announcement datePrice as on Mar 31, 2021Highest Price since announcment
SBILIFESBI Life Insurance Company Limited864.10880.85890.90
SAREGAMASaregama India Limited1,571.701,595.151,620.00
SRTRANSFINShriram Transport Finance Company Limited1,325.751,422.301,471.50
LIBASLibas Consumer Products Limited46.3551.5551.60
NACLINDNACL Industries Limited37.6037.6539.65
SHRIRAMCITShriram City Union Finance Limited1,377.351,363.801,429.00
EDELWEISSEdelweiss Financial Services Limited73.7563.3077.60
RVNLRail Vikas Nigam Limited29.2029.1030.40
SISSIS LIMITED404.40390.15414.90
INDNIPPONIndia Nippon Electricals Limited360.20370.00377.00
BRITANNIABritannia Industries Limited3,504.503,625.503,655.00

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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Source: NSE and Espresso App

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