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Espresso Shot: July 25 - July 29 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

July 22, 2022
Espresso Shot: July 25 - July 29 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
BOMOXY-B1Final Dividend - Rs.2025-Jul-22Bombay Oxygen Investments Ltd
BRIGADEFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5025-Jul-22Brigade Enterprises Ltd.
DCMSRMINDFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5025-Jul-22DCM Shriram Industries Ltd.
DEEPAKNIDividend - Rs.725-Jul-22Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
ESCORPBonus issue 3:225-Jul-22Escorp Asset Management Ltd
GRAPHITEDividend - Rs.1025-Jul-22Graphite India Ltd.
HARDWYNBonus issue 1:225-Jul-22Hardwyn India Ltd
KAMDHENUDividend - Rs.125-Jul-22Kamdhenu Ltd
SHARDACROPFinal Dividend - Rs.325-Jul-22Sharda Cropchem Ltd
DIAMONDYDFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5026-Jul-22Prataap Snacks Ltd
GPPLFinal Dividend - Rs.2.4026-Jul-22Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd.
HATSUNInterim Dividend - Rs.626-Jul-22Hatsun Agro Product Ltd.
JMCPROJECTFinal Dividend - Rs.126-Jul-22JMC Projects (India) Ltd.
MAXINDIAReduction of Capital 26-Jul-22Max India Ltd
NELCASTFinal Dividend - Rs.0.3026-Jul-22Nelcast Ltd.
PIDILITINDDividend - Rs.1026-Jul-22Pidilite Industries Ltd.
SHAREINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.226-Jul-22Share India Securities Ltd
SIMPLXREAFinal Dividend - Rs.126-Jul-22Simplex Realty Ltd.
STEELCASFinal Dividend - Rs.1.8026-Jul-22Steelcast Ltd.
TCIFinal Dividend - Rs.226-Jul-22Transport Corporation Of India Ltd.
TTKHEALTHFinal Dividend - Rs.1026-Jul-22TTK Healthcare Ltd.
VEDLInterim Dividend - Rs.19.5026-Jul-22Vedanta Limited
ABMKNOFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2527-Jul-22ABM Knowledgeware Ltd.
BEPLInterim Dividend - Rs.127-Jul-22Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd.
DALMIASUGDividend - Rs.127-Jul-22Dalmia Bharat Sugar And Industries Ltd
EPLFinal Dividend - Rs.2.1527-Jul-22EPL Ltd
GABRIELFinal Dividend - Rs.127-Jul-22Gabriel India Ltd.
HAWKINCOOKFinal Dividend - Rs.6027-Jul-22Hawkins Cookers Ltd.
HEROMOTOCOFinal Dividend - Rs.3527-Jul-22Hero Motocorp Ltd.
KALPATPOWRFinal Dividend - Rs.6.5027-Jul-22Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.
LAKSELECFinal Dividend - Rs.1527-Jul-22Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd.
MENONBEInterim Dividend - Rs.227-Jul-22Menon Bearings Ltd.
MRFFinal Dividend - Rs.14427-Jul-22MRF Ltd.
NITTAGELADividend - Rs.427-Jul-22Nitta Gelatin India Ltd.
PRAJINDFinal Dividend - Rs.2.7027-Jul-22Praj Industries Ltd.
PRAJINDSpecial Dividend - Rs.1.5027-Jul-22Praj Industries Ltd.
TCIEXPFinal Dividend - Rs.227-Jul-22TCI Express Ltd
THANGAMAYLFinal Dividend - Rs.5.27-Jul-22Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd
UPLFinal Dividend - Rs.10.27-Jul-22UPL Limited
AKZOINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.35.28-Jul-22Akzo Nobel India Limited
AMARAJABATFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5028-Jul-22Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
ASALCBRFinal Dividend - Rs.1.28-Jul-22Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.
AUBANKFinal Dividend - Rs.1.28-Jul-22Au Small Finance Bank Ltd
AUTOAXLESFinal Dividend - Rs.15.28-Jul-22Automotive Axles Ltd.
BAJAJELECFinal Dividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
BENGALTFinal Dividend - Rs.1.28-Jul-22Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd.
DLINKINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22D-Link (India) Ltd
EMUDHRAFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2528-Jul-22Emudhra Ltd
FAIRCHEMORFinal Dividend - Rs.13.28-Jul-22Fairchem Organics Ltd
FCLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.4028-Jul-22Fineotex Chemical Ltd.
ICICIGIFinal Dividend - Rs.5.28-Jul-22ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd
ICRADividend - Rs.28.28-Jul-22ICRA Ltd.
INDPRUDDividend - Rs.50.28-Jul-22Industrial & Prudential Investments Co.Ltd.
KANCOTEADividend - Rs.1.28-Jul-22Kanco Tea & Industries Ltd
KAYCEEIFinal Dividend - Rs.5028-Jul-22Kaycee Industries Ltd.
MUKANDLTDDividend - Rs.1.5028-Jul-22Mukand Ltd.
MUNJALSHOWDividend - Rs.4.5028-Jul-22Munjal Showa Ltd.
NESCOFinal Dividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Nesco Ltd.
OSIAJEEInterim Dividend28-Jul-22Osiajee Texfab Ltd
RKFORGEInterim Dividend28-Jul-22Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd.
ROSSELLINDDividend - Rs.0.3028-Jul-22Rossell India Ltd.
SAHYADRIFinal Dividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Sahyadri Industries Ltd.
SAILFinal Dividend - Rs.2.2528-Jul-22Steel Authority Of India Ltd.
SAKSOFTFinal Dividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Saksoft Ltd.
SHILCTECHFinal Dividend - Rs.428-Jul-22Shilchar Technologies Ltd.
SMRUTHIORGDividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Smruthi Organics Ltd
SOBHADividend - Rs.3.28-Jul-22Sobha Limited
SRFInterim Dividend28-Jul-22SRF Ltd.
SUBROSFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7028-Jul-22Subros Ltd.
TATASTEELStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-28-Jul-22Tata Steel Ltd.
TRILFinal Dividend - Rs.0.1528-Jul-22Transformers And Rectifiers (India) Ltd.
WIMPLASTFinal Dividend - Rs.828-Jul-22Wim Plast Ltd.
ZYDUSLIFEFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5028-Jul-22Zydus Lifesciences Ltd
AMIORGFinal Dividend - Rs.3.29-Jul-22Ami Organics Ltd
ANUPFinal Dividend - Rs.8.29-Jul-22The Anup Engineering Ltd
BCPLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7029-Jul-22BCPL Railway Infrastructure Ltd
CLEANFinal Dividend - Rs.3.2529-Jul-22Clean Science And Technology Ltd
DVLFinal Dividend - Rs.4.29-Jul-22Dhunseri Ventures Ltd-$
EMKAYFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2529-Jul-22Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd.
GLOSTERLTDDividend - Rs.25.29-Jul-22Gloster Ltd
GLOSTERLTDSpecial Dividend - Rs.10.29-Jul-22Gloster Ltd
IPRINGLTDDividend - Rs.2.29-Jul-22IP Rings Ltd.
NAVNETEDULFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5029-Jul-22Navneet Education Limited
SAINTGOBAINDividend - Rs.1.5029-Jul-22Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd.
SAINTGOBAINSpecial Dividend - Rs.1.5029-Jul-22Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd.
SAYAJIINDDividend - Rs.1.29-Jul-22Sayaji Industries Ltd
TCFCFINQDividend - Rs.1.2029-Jul-22TCFC Finance Ltd.
VINYLINDIADividend - Rs.5.29-Jul-22Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.
VINYLINDIASpecial Dividend - Rs.529-Jul-22Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.
ZENLABSInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2529-Jul-22Zenlabs Ethica Ltd

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Final Dividend : Bombay Oxygen Investments Ltd, Brigade Enterprises Ltd, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd, Sharda Cropchem Ltd, Prataap Snacks Ltd, Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd, JMC Projects (India) Ltd, Nelcast Ltd, Simplex Realty Ltd, Steelcast Ltd, Transport Corporation Of India Ltd, TTK Healthcare Ltd, ABM Knowledgeware Ltd, EPL Ltd, Gabriel India Ltd, Hawkins Cookers Ltd, Hero Motocorp Ltd, Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd, Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd, MRF Ltd, Praj Industries Ltd, TCI Express Ltd, Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd, UPL Limited, Akzo Nobel India Limited, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd, Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd, Au Small Finance Bank Ltd, Automotive Axles Ltd, Bajaj Electricals Ltd, Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd, D-Link (India) Ltd, Emudhra Ltd, Fairchem Organics Ltd, Fineotex Chemical Ltd, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd, Kaycee Industries Ltd, Nesco Ltd, Sahyadri Industries Ltd, Steel Authority Of India Ltd, Saksoft Ltd, Shilchar Technologies Ltd, Subros Ltd, Transformers And Rectifiers (India) Ltd, Wim Plast Ltd, Zydus Lifesciences Ltd, Ami Organics Ltd, The Anup Engineering Ltd, BCPL Railway Infrastructure Ltd, Clean Science And Technology Ltd, Dhunseri Ventures Ltd, Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, Navneet Education Limited

Interim Dividend: Hatsun Agro Product Ltd, Share India Securities Ltd, Vedanta Limited, Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd, Menon Bearings Ltd, Osiajee Texfab Ltd, Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd SRF Ltd, Zenlabs Ethica Ltd.

Special Dividend: Praj Industries Ltd, Gloster Ltd, Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd, Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.

Dividend: Deepak Nitrite Ltd, Graphite India Ltd, Kamdhenu Ltd, Pidilite Industries Ltd, Dalmia Bharat Sugar And Industries Ltd, Nitta Gelatin India Ltd, ICRA Ltd, Industrial & Prudential Investments Co.Ltd, Kanco Tea & Industries Ltd, Mukand Ltd, Munjal Showa Ltd, Rossell India Ltd, Smruthi Organics Ltd, Sobha Limited, Gloster Ltd, IP Rings Ltd, Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd, Sayaji Industries Ltd, TCFC Finance Ltd, Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.

Bonus issue: Escorp Asset Management Ltd, Hardwyn India Ltd.

Reduction of Capital: Max India Ltd.

Stock Split: Tata Steel Ltd.


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