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Espresso Shot: July 18 - July 22 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

July 15, 2022
Espresso Shot: July 18 - July 22 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
BLUEDARTFinal Dividend - Rs.3518-Jul-22Blue Dart Express Ltd.
GOCLCORPFinal Dividend - Rs.318-Jul-22Gocl Corporation Ltd.
LXCHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7018-Jul-22Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd
SWASTIKAFinal Dividend - Rs.218-Jul-22Swastika Investmart Ltd.
ADORWELDFinal Dividend - Rs.12.5019-Jul-22Ador Welding Ltd.
AEGISLOGFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5019-Jul-22Aegis Logistics Ltd.
AKIBonus issue 3:1019-Jul-22Aki India Ltd
ASTECFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5019-Jul-22Astec Lifesciences Limited
FEDERALBNKFinal Dividend - Rs.1.8019-Jul-22Federal Bank Ltd.
GOODRICKEDividend - Rs.319-Jul-22Goodricke Group Ltd.
GRANULESFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7519-Jul-22Granules India Ltd.
GRINDWELLDividend - Rs.1219-Jul-22Grindwell Norton Ltd.
HCLTECHInterim Dividend - Rs.1019-Jul-22HCLTechnologies Ltd.
HERANBAFinal Dividend - Rs.219-Jul-22Heranba Industries Ltd
KARURVYSYADividend - Rs.1.6019-Jul-22Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.
MAHLIFEFinal Dividend - Rs.219-Jul-22Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.
PANTHBonus issue 1:219-Jul-22Panth Infinity Ltd
RGLFinal Dividend - Rs.319-Jul-22Renaissance Global Ltd
RGLStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-19-Jul-22Renaissance Global Ltd
TIRUMALCHMDividend - Rs.2.5019-Jul-22Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.
ADORFOFinal Dividend - Rs.320-Jul-22Ador Fontech Ltd.
ADORFOSpecial Dividend - Rs.120-Jul-22Ador Fontech Ltd.
ADSLFinal Dividend - Rs.120-Jul-22Allied Digital Services Ltd.
CORALFINACFinal Dividend - Rs.0.3020-Jul-22Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd.
DOLLARDividend - Rs.320-Jul-22Dollar Industries Ltd
GOACARBONDividend - Rs.1020-Jul-22Goa Carbon Ltd.
GPTINFRAFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5020-Jul-22Gpt Infraprojects Ltd.
HINDZINCInterim Dividend - Rs.2120-Jul-22Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
INDAGFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5020-Jul-22Indag Rubber Ltd.
IVPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5020-Jul-22IVP Ltd.
M&MFINDividend - Rs.3.6020-Jul-22Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.
NOCILFinal Dividend - Rs.320-Jul-22Nocil Ltd.
NOVARTINDFinal Dividend - Rs.1020-Jul-22Novartis India Ltd.
ORIENTCEMFinal Dividend - Rs.1.7520-Jul-22Orient Cement Ltd
PANAENERGFinal Dividend - Rs.7.5020-Jul-22Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.
SCANDENTDividend - Rs.0.1020-Jul-22Scandent Imaging Limited
SUNSHIELDividend - Rs.220-Jul-22Sunshield Chemicals Ltd.
SWELECTESFinal Dividend - Rs.320-Jul-22Swelect Energy Systems Limited
TATAMETALIFinal Dividend - Rs.820-Jul-22Tata Metaliks Ltd.
TIINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5020-Jul-22Tube Investments Of India Ltd
USHAMARTFinal Dividend - Rs.220-Jul-22Usha Martin Ltd.
VGUARDFinal Dividend - Rs.1.3020-Jul-22V-Guard Industries Ltd.
WEIZMANINDFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5020-Jul-22Weizmann Ltd.
ADCINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.421-Jul-22ADC India Communications Limited
ADCINDIASpecial Dividend - Rs.1021-Jul-22ADC India Communications Limited
BANSWRASDividend - Rs.2.5021-Jul-22Banswara Syntex Ltd.
BASFFinal Dividend - Rs.621-Jul-22BASF India Ltd.
BHAGILDividend - Rs.421-Jul-22Bhageria Industries Ltd
BLUESTARCOFinal Dividend - Rs.1021-Jul-22Blue Star Ltd.
BOMBCYCFinal Dividend - Rs.521-Jul-22Bombay Cycle & Motor Agency Ltd.
CARBORUNIVFinal Dividend - Rs.221-Jul-22Carborundum Universal Ltd.
CHOLAFINFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7021-Jul-22Cholamandalam Investment And Finance Company Ltd
DABURFinal Dividend - Rs.2.7021-Jul-22Dabur India Ltd.
DATAMATICSFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2521-Jul-22Datamatics Global Services Ltd.
DHANUKAFinal Dividend - Rs.621-Jul-22Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.
GALAXYSURFFinal Dividend - Rs.1821-Jul-22Galaxy Surfactants Ltd
HERITGFOODFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5021-Jul-22Heritage Foods Limited
HGINFRAFinal Dividend - Rs.121-Jul-22H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd
HILFinal Dividend - Rs.2521-Jul-22HIL Ltd.
HILSpecial Dividend - Rs.2021-Jul-22HIL Ltd.
HNDFDSStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-21-Jul-22Hindustan Foods Ltd.
IMFAFinal Dividend - Rs.7.5021-Jul-22Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd.
INTELLECTFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5021-Jul-22Intellect Design Arena Ltd
JAYAGROGNFinal Dividend - Rs.321-Jul-22Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd.
JENBURPHFinal Dividend - Rs.1221-Jul-22Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
KAIRAFinal Dividend - Rs.1221-Jul-22Kaira Can Co.Ltd.
KIRLFERFinal Dividend - Rs.321-Jul-22Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.
LTFinal Dividend - Rs.2221-Jul-22Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
MAHLOGFinal Dividend - Rs.221-Jul-22Mahindra Logistics Ltd
MINDACORPFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7021-Jul-22Minda Corporation Ltd
ONTICStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-21-Jul-22Ontic Finserve Ltd
PDSLFinal Dividend - Rs.23.8521-Jul-22PDS Ltd
POONAWALLAFinal Dividend - Rs.0.4021-Jul-22Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd
PRADPMEFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5021-Jul-22Pradeep Metals Ltd.
PREMCOFinal Dividend - Rs.321-Jul-22Premco Global Ltd.
RAJNISHStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-21-Jul-22Rajnish Wellness Ltd
RAJNISHBonus issue 2:121-Jul-22Rajnish Wellness Ltd
SEILStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-21-Jul-22Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd
SUMICHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.121-Jul-22Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd
TAPARIAFinal Dividend - Rs.52.5021-Jul-22Taparia Tools Ltd.
TECHMFinal Dividend - Rs.1521-Jul-22Tech Mahindra Ltd.
TECHMSpecial Dividend - Rs.1521-Jul-22Tech Mahindra Ltd.
THERMAXDividend - Rs.921-Jul-22Thermax Ltd.
TTKPRESTIGFinal Dividend - Rs.3.5021-Jul-22TTK Prestige Ltd.
ALKYLAMINEDividend - Rs.1022-Jul-22Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.
BAJAJCONFinal Dividend - Rs.422-Jul-22Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd
BIMETALDividend - Rs.822-Jul-22Bimetal Bearings Ltd.
COCKERILLFinal Dividend - Rs.222-Jul-22John Cockerill India Ltd.
GODREJAGROFinal Dividend - Rs.9.5022-Jul-22Godrej Agrovet Ltd
GOODYEARFinal Dividend - Rs.2022-Jul-22Goodyear India Ltd.
GOODYEARSpecial Dividend - Rs.8022-Jul-22Goodyear India Ltd.
KSLDividend - Rs.1022-Jul-22Kalyani Steels Ltd.
RELICABBonus issue 74:10022-Jul-22Relicab Cable Manufacturing Ltd
ROLCOENFinal Dividend - Rs.222-Jul-22Rolcon Engineering Co.Ltd.
SPLPETROFinal Dividend - Rs.1422-Jul-22Supreme Petrochem Ltd.

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Final Dividend : Blue Dart Express Ltd, Gocl Corporation Ltd, Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd, Swastika Investmart Ltd, Ador Welding Ltd, Aegis Logistics Ltd, Astec Lifesciences Limited, Federal Bank Ltd, Granules India Ltd, Heranba Industries Ltd, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd, Renaissance Global Ltd, Ador Fontech Ltd, Allied Digital Services Ltd, Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd, Gpt Infraprojects Ltd, IVP Ltd,Indag Rubber Ltd, Nocil Ltd, Novartis India Ltd, Orient Cement Ltd, Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd, Swelect Energy Systems Limited, Tata Metaliks Ltd, Tube Investments Of India Ltd, Usha Martin Ltd, V-Guard Industries Ltd, Weizmann Ltd, ADC India Communications Limited, BASF India Ltd, Blue Star Ltd, Bombay Cycle & Motor Agency Ltd, Carborundum Universal Ltd, Cholamandalam Investment And Finance Company Ltd, Dabur India Ltd, Datamatics Global Services Ltd, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, Heritage Foods Limited, H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd, HIL Ltd, Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd, Intellect Design Arena Ltd, Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd, Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kaira Can Co.Ltd, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mahindra Logistics Ltd, Minda Corporation Ltd, PDS Ltd, Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd, Pradeep Metals Ltd, Premco Global Ltd, Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd, Taparia Tools Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd, TTK Prestige Ltd, Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd, John Cockerill India Ltd, Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Goodyear India Ltd, Rolcon Engineering Co.Ltd, Supreme Petrochem Ltd.

Special Dividend: Ador Fontech Ltd, ADC India Communications Limited, HIL Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Goodyear India Ltd.

Bonus issue: Aki India Ltd, Panth Infinity Ltd, Rajnish Wellness Ltd, Relicab Cable Manufacturing Ltd.

Dividend: Goodricke Group Ltd. Grindwell Norton Ltd, Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd, Dollar Industries Ltd, Goa Carbon Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd, Scandent Imaging Limited, Sunshield Chemicals Ltd, Banswara Syntex Ltd, Bhageria Industries Ltd, Thermax Ltd, Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd, Bimetal Bearings Ltd, Kalyani Steels Ltd.

Interim Dividend: HCLTechnologies Ltd, Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

Stock Split: Renaissance Global Ltd, Hindustan Foods Ltd, Ontic Finserve Ltd, Rajnish Wellness Ltd, Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd.


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