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Espresso Shot: Feb 20- Feb 24, 2023 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

February 17, 2023
Espresso Shot: Feb 20- Feb 24, 2023 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
AKCAPITInterim Dividend - Rs.620-Feb-23A.K.Capital Services Ltd
BDLInterim Dividend - Rs.8.1520-Feb-23Bharat Dynamics Ltd
ESABINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.2820-Feb-23Esab India Limited
GALAXYSURFInterim Dividend - Rs.1820-Feb-23Galaxy Surfactants Ltd
GRSEInterim Dividend - Rs.5.5020-Feb-23Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd
KPIGREENInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2020-Feb-23KPI Green Energy Ltd
SHBCLQInterim Dividend - Rs. 0.5020-Feb-23Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
TDPOWERSYSInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5020-Feb-23TD Power Systems
UNOMINDAInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5020-Feb-23UNO Minda Ltd
AKZOINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.2521-Feb-23Akzo Nobel India Limited
AMALRight Issue of Equity Shares 21-Feb-23AMAL Ltd
ASMTECInterim Dividend - Rs.121-Feb-23ASM Technologies Ltd
AVTNPLInterim Dividend - Rs.0.4021-Feb-23AVT Natural Products Ltd 
CUMMINSINDInterim Dividend - Rs.1221-Feb-23Cummins India Limited
DISAQInterim Dividend - Rs.10021-Feb-23Disa India Ltd
MRFInterim Dividend - Rs.321-Feb-23MRF Ltd
NATCOPHARMInterim Dividend - Rs.1.2521-Feb-23NATCO Pharma Ltd
ORACLECRInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5021-Feb-23Oracle Credit Ltd
SATINDLTDInterim Dividend - Rs.0.1021-Feb-23Sat Industries Limited
VISHWARAJInterim Dividend - Rs.0.1021-Feb-23Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd
BALRAMCHINInterim Dividend - Rs. 2.5022-Feb-23Balrampur Chini Mills Limited
BOSCHLTDInterim Dividend - Rs.20022-Feb-23Bosch Limited
COCHINSHIPInterim Dividend - Rs.722-Feb-23Cochin Shipyard Ltd
DCMSRMINDInterim Dividend - Rs.122-Feb-23DCM Shriram Industries Limited
GOLDIAMInterim Dividend - Rs.222-Feb-23Goldiam International Limited
HERCULESInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5022-Feb-23Hercules Hoists Limited
IRBStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-22-Feb-23IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
IRCTCInterim Dividend - Rs.3.5022-Feb-23Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd
MSTCInterim Dividend - Rs.6.3022-Feb-23MSTC Ltd
OILInterim Dividend - Rs.1022-Feb-23Oil India Limited
TIDEWATERInterim Dividend - Rs.1022-Feb-23Tide Water Oil (India) Ltd 
TORNTPOWERInterim Dividend - Rs. 922-Feb-23Torrent Power Ltd
TORNTPOWERSpecial Dividend - Rs.1322-Feb-23Torrent Power Ltd 
UNIDTInterim Dividend - Rs.0.6022-Feb-23United Drilling Tools Ltd
AKASHDEEPStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-23-Feb-23Akashdeep Metal Industries Ltd
KIRLOSENGInterim Dividend - Rs.2.5023-Feb-23Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd
METROPOLISInterim Dividend - Rs.823-Feb-23Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
NCLINDInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5023-Feb-23NCL Industries Ltd 
PREMCOInterim Dividend - Rs.623-Feb-23Premco Global Ltd 
SUPRAJITInterim Dividend - Rs.1.0523-Feb-23Suprajit Engineering Ltd 
AMRUTANJANInterim Dividend - Rs.124-Feb-23Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd 
APOLLOHOSPInterim Dividend - Rs.624-Feb-23Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd 
BANCOINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.824-Feb-23Banco Products (India) Ltd 
BEMLInterim Dividend - Rs.524-Feb-23BEML Ltd
BMWInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2024-Feb-23BMW Industries Ltd
CAREERPInterim Dividend - Rs.124-Feb-23Career Point Ltd 
CESCInterim Dividend - Rs.4.5024-Feb-23CESC Ltd 
INDNIPPONInterim Dividend - Rs.9.2524-Feb-23India Nippon Electricals Ltd 
INSECTICIDInterim Dividend - Rs.324-Feb-23Insecticides (India) Ltd
KARNAVATIStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-24-Feb-23Karnavati Finance Ltd
KBSINDIAStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-24-Feb-23KBS India Limited 
MAJESAUTInterim Dividend - Rs.7.5024-Feb-23Majestic Auto Ltd 
NICCOPARInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2524-Feb-23Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd 
NLCINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5024-Feb-23NLC India Ltd
NMDCInterim Dividend - Rs. 3.7524-Feb-23NMDC Ltd
ONGCInterim Dividend - Rs.424-Feb-23Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd
PANCHSHEELInterim Dividend - Rs.0.8024-Feb-23Panchsheel Organics Ltd.
PFCInterim Dividend - Rs.3.5024-Feb-23Power Finance Corporation Ltd 
PIINDInterim Dividend - Rs.4.5024-Feb-23PI Industries Ltd
PITTIENGInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5024-Feb-23Pitti Engineering Ltd
POLYPLEXInterim Dividend - Rs.3024-Feb-23Polyplex Corporation Ltd
PRECWIREInterim Dividend - Rs.0.3024-Feb-23Precision Wires India Ltd
SANDESHInterim Dividend - Rs.524-Feb-23Sandesh Ltd 
SATIAInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2024-Feb-23Satia Industries Ltd
TALBROAUTOInterim Dividend - Rs.124-Feb-23Talbros Automotive Components Ltd 
TMBInterim Dividend - Rs.524-Feb-23Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd
UNIPARTSInterim Dividend - Rs.8.2524-Feb-23Uniparts India Ltd

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Interim Dividend: A.K.Capital Services Ltd, Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Esab India Limited, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd, KPI Green Energy Ltd, Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd, TD Power Systems, UNO Minda Ltd, Akzo Nobel India Limited, ASM Technologies Ltd, AVT Natural Products Ltd,  Cummins India Limited, Disa India Ltd, MRF Ltd, NATCO Pharma Ltd, Oracle Credit Ltd, Sat Industries Limited, Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd, Balrampur Chini Mills Limited, Bosch Limited, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, DCM Shriram Industries Limited, Goldiam International Limited, Hercules Hoists Limited, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd, MSTC Ltd, Oil India Limited, Tide Water Oil (India) Ltd,  Torrent Power Ltd, United Drilling Tools Ltd, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, NCL Industries Ltd,  Premco Global Ltd,  Suprajit Engineering Ltd,  Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd,  Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd,  Banco Products (India) Ltd,  BEML Ltd, BMW Industries Ltd, Career Point Ltd,  CESC Ltd,  India Nippon Electricals Ltd,  Insecticides (India) Ltd, Majestic Auto Ltd,  Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd,  NLC India Ltd, NMDC Ltd, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Panchsheel Organics Ltd, Power Finance Corporation Ltd,  PI Industries Ltd, Pitti Engineering Ltd, Polyplex Corporation Ltd, Precision Wires India Ltd, Sandesh Ltd,  Satia Industries Ltd, Talbros Automotive Components Ltd, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd, Uniparts India Ltd.

Right Issue of Equity Shares: AMAL Ltd.

Stock Split: IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd, Akashdeep Metal Industries Ltd, Karnavati Finance Ltd, KBS India Limited.

Special Dividend:Torrent Power Ltd.


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