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Espresso Shot : 23 August – 27 August Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

August 20, 2021
Espresso Shot : 23 August – 27 August Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateFace Value (Rs)Company
RUPAAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 2 per share23-Aug-211Rupa & Company Limited
SUNPHARMAAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share23-Aug-211Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
SUNTVInterim Dividend - Rs 3.75 per share23-Aug-215Sun TV Network Limited
SHREYANINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share23-Aug-2110Shreyans Industries Limited
BALAJITELEAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.2 per share23-Aug-212Balaji Telefilms Limited
ASTRALAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share23-Aug-211Astral Limited
DLFDividend - Rs 2 per share23-Aug-212DLF Limited
CHAMBLFERTDividend - Rs 4.5 per share23-Aug-2110Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
INDIAMARTDividend - Rs 15 per share23-Aug-2110Indiamart Intermesh Limited
PRECWIREAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share24-Aug-215Precision Wires India Limited
DATAMATICSInterim Dividend - Rs 2.5 per share24-Aug-215Datamatics Global Services Limited
SUNDARMFINAGM/Dividend - Rs 6 per share24-Aug-2110Sundaram Finance Limited
NATCOPHARMInterim Dividend - Rs 2 per share24-Aug-212Natco Pharma Limited
TVSSRICHAKAGM/Dividend - Rs 30 per share25-Aug-2110TVS Srichakra Limited
HIKALDividend - Re 1 per share25-Aug-212Hikal Limited
HINDZINCInterim Dividend25-Aug-212Hindustan Zinc Limited
KAKATCEMAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share25-Aug-2110Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Limited
KANPRPLAAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.8 per share25-Aug-2110Kanpur Plastipack Limited
STARCEMENTBuy Back25-Aug-211Star Cement Limited
ACEAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.5 per share25-Aug-212Action Construction Equipment Limited
DBCORPInterim Dividend - Rs 2 per share25-Aug-2110DB Corp Limited
RSYSTEMSBuy Back26-Aug-211R Systems International Limited
ICILDividend - Rs 1.5 per share26-Aug-212Indo Count Industries Limited
HINDCONInterim Dividend - Re 1  per share26-Aug-2110Hindcon Chemicals Limited
HINDCONAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share26-Aug-2110Hindcon Chemicals Limited
KSLDividend - Rs 7.5 per share26-Aug-215Kalyani Steels Limited
LIKHITHAAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share26-Aug-2110Likhitha Infrastructure Limited
KCPAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share26-Aug-211KCP Limited
KIRLOSBROSDividend - Rs 3  per share26-Aug-212Kirloskar Brothers Limited
MCXDividend - Rs 27.6 per share26-Aug-2110Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited
PPAPAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share26-Aug-2110PPAP Automotive Limited
SUPRAJITAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share26-Aug-211Suprajit Engineering Limited
SALZERELECDividend - Rs 1.6 per share26-Aug-2110Salzer Electronics Limited
AIAENGAGM/Dividend - Rs 9 per share26-Aug-212AIA Engineering Limited
EDELWEISSAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.55 per share26-Aug-211Edelweiss Financial Services Limited
ELECTCASTDividend - Rs 0.25 per share26-Aug-211Electrosteel Castings Limited
GEEKAYWIREDividend - Rs 2.1 per share26-Aug-2110Geekay Wires Limited
GANECOSAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share26-Aug-2110Ganesha Ecosphere Limited
PANAMAPETAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share27-Aug-212Panama Petrochem Limited
SILINVDividend - Rs 2.5 per share27-Aug-2110SIL Investments Limited
HGINFRAAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.8 per share27-Aug-2110HG Infra Engineering Limited
AUROPHARMAInterim Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share27-Aug-211Aurobindo Pharma Limited
CAMSInterim Dividend - Rs 6.5 per share27-Aug-2110Computer Age Management Services Limited
SUTLEJTEXDividend - Rs 0.3 per share27-Aug-211Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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Corporate Action Details

AGM/Dividend: Rupa & Company Limited, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Shreyans Industries Limited, Balaji Telefilms Limited, Astral Limited, Precision Wires India Limited, Sundaram Finance Limited, TVS Srichakra Limited, Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Limited, Kanpur Plastipack Limited, Action Construction Equipment Limited, Hindcon Chemicals Limited, Likhitha Infrastructure Limited, KCP Limited, PPAP Automotive Limited, Suprajit Engineering Limited, AIA Engineering Limited, Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, Ganesha Ecosphere Limited, Panama Petrochem Limited, H.G. Infra Engineering Limited

Interim Dividend: Sun TV Network Limited, Datamatics Global Services Limited, Hindustan Zinc Limited, D.B.Corp Limited, Hindcon Chemicals Limited, Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Computer Age Management Services Limited

Dividend: DLF Limited, Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, Indiamart Intermesh Limited, Hikal Limited, Indo Count Industries Limited, Kalyani Steels Limited, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited, Salzer Electronics Limited, Electrosteel Castings Limited, Geekay Wires Limited, SIL Investments Limited, Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited

Buy Back: Star Cement Limited, R Systems International Limited

Source: NSE and Espresso App

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