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Espresso Shot : 19 July – 23 July Next week key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

July 16, 2021
Espresso Shot : 19 July – 23 July Next week key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateFace Value (Rs)Company
ABBOTINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 120 per share | Special Dividend - Rs 155 per share19-Jul-2110Abbott India Limited
TIDEWATERDividend - Rs 200 per share19-Jul-215Tide Water Oil Company (India) Limited
DOLLARAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.40 per share19-Jul-212Dollar Industries Limited
GRINDWELLAGM/Dividend - Rs 9.50 per share19-Jul-215Grindwell Norton Limited
GEOJITFSLAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share19-Jul-211Geojit Financial Services Limited
GLAXOAGM/Dividend - Rs 30 per share19-Jul-2110GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited
HEGAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share19-Jul-2110HEG Limited
IVPAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share19-Jul-2110IVP Limited
KECDividend - Rs 4 per share19-Jul-212KEC International Limited
MAHLOGDividend - Rs 2.50 per share19-Jul-2110Mahindra Logistics Limited
NIITLTDDividend - Rs 2.50 per share19-Jul-212NIIT Limited
SIYSILAGM/Dividend - Rs 4.60 per share19-Jul-212Siyaram Silk Mills Limited
UTIAMCDividend - Rs 17 per share19-Jul-2110UTI Asset Management Company Limited
APLLTDAGM/Dividend - Rs 14 per share19-Jul-212Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited
BLUEDARTAGM/Dividend - Rs 15 per share20-Jul-2110Blue Dart Express Limited
GESHIPAGM/Dividend - Rs 9 per share20-Jul-2110The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited
HITECHCORPDividend - Re 1 per share20-Jul-2110Hitech Corporation Limited
IMFAAGM/Dividend - Rs 7 per share20-Jul-2110Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited
LALPATHLABAGM/Dividend - Rs 8 per share20-Jul-2110Dr. Lal Path Labs Limited
JYOTHYLABAGM/Dividend - Rs  4 per share20-Jul-211Jyothy Labs Limited
ORIENTELECAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.25 per share20-Jul-211Orient Electric Limited
SHARDACROPDividend - Rs 3 per share20-Jul-2110Sharda Cropchem Limited
SHRIRAMCITAGM/Dividend - Rs 13 per share20-Jul-2110Shriram City Union Finance Limited
TCIEXPAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share20-Jul-212TCI Express Limited
DEEPAKNTRAGM/Dividend - Rs 4.50 per share | Special Dividend - Re 1 per share20-Jul-212Deepak Nitrite Limited
VENKEYSDividend - Rs 17 per share22-Jul-2110Venky's (India) Limited
BLUESTARCODividend - Rs 4 per share22-Jul-212Blue Star Limited
ASTECAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.50  per share22-Jul-2110Astec LifeSciences Limited
BASFAGM/Dividend - Rs 5 per share | Special Dividend - Rs 5 per share22-Jul-2110BASF India Limited
EIMCOELECOAGM/Dividend - Rs 5 per share22-Jul-2110Eimco Elecon (India) Limited
ELECONAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.40 per share22-Jul-212Elecon Engineering Company Limited
CARBORUNIVAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.50 per share22-Jul-211Carborundum Universal Limited
CHOLAFINAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.70 per share22-Jul-212Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited
HERITGFOODAGMdividend - Rs 5 per share22-Jul-215Heritage Foods Limited
HEROMOTOCOAGM/Dividend - Rs 25 per share | Special Dividend - Rs 10 per share22-Jul-212Hero MotoCorp Limited
HILAGM/Dividend - Rs 25 per share22-Jul-2110HIL Limited
ICRADividend - Rs 27 per share22-Jul-2110ICRA Limited
HATSUNInterim Dividend22-Jul-211Hatsun Agro Product Limited
KABRAEXTRUAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.50 per share22-Jul-215Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited
PDSMFLAGM/Dividend - Rs 15.75 per share22-Jul-2110PDS Multinational Fashions Limited
MTARTECHAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share22-Jul-2110Mtar Technologies Limited
SHREECEMDividend - Rs 60 per share22-Jul-2110Shree Cement Limited
SUMICHEMDividend - Rs 0.80 per share22-Jul-2110Sumitomo Chemical India Limited
UNICHEMLABAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share22-Jul-212Unichem Laboratories Limited
TATAMETALIAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share22-Jul-2110Tata Metaliks Limited
TATASTLLPAGM/Dividend - Rs 5 per share22-Jul-2110Tata Steel Long Products Limited
THERMAXDividend - Rs 7 per share22-Jul-212Thermax Limited
TITANAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share22-Jul-211Titan Company Limited
BHAGERIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 3.50 per share22-Jul-215Bhageria Industries Limited
ANGELBRKGInterim Dividend23-Jul-2110Angel Broking Limited
ELGIEQUIPAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.80 per share23-Jul-211Elgi Equipments Limited
KARURVYSYAAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.50 per share23-Jul-212Karur Vysya Bank Limited
PATINTLOGAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.10 per share23-Jul-2110Patel Integrated Logistics Limited
TECHMAGM/Dividend - Rs 15 per share | Special Dividend - Rs 15 per share23-Jul-215Tech Mahindra Limited

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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Corporate Action Details

AGM/Dividend: Dollar Industries Limited, Grindwell Norton Limited, Geojit Financial Services Limited, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited, HEG Limited, IVP Limited, Siyaram Silk Mills Limited, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited, Blue Dart Express Limited, The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited, Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited, Dr. Lal Path Labs Limited, Jyothy Labs Limited, Orient Electric Limited, Shriram City Union Finance Limited, TCI Express Limited, Astec LifeSciences Limited, Eimco Elecon (India) Limited, Elecon Engineering Company Limited, Carborundum Universal Limited, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, Heritage Foods Limited, HIL Limited, Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited, PDS Multinational Fashions Limited, Mtar Technologies Limited, Unichem Laboratories Limited, Tata Metaliks Limited, Tata Steel Long Products Limited, Titan Company Limited, Bhageria Industries Limited, Elgi Equipments Limited, Karur Vysya Bank Limited, Patel Integrated Logistics Limited

Dividend: Tide Water Oil Company (India) Limited, KEC International Limited, Mahindra Logistics Limited, NIIT Limited, UTI Asset Management Company Limited, Hitech Corporation Limited, Sharda Cropchem Limited, Venky's (India) Limited, Blue Star Limited, ICRA Limited, Shree Cement Limited, Sumitomo Chemical India Limited, Thermax Limited

Interim Dividend: Hatsun Agro Product Limited, Angel Broking Limited

AGM/Dividend | Special Dividend: Abbott India Limited, Deepak Nitrite Limited, BASF India Limited, Hero MotoCorp Limited, Tech Mahindra Limited

Source: NSE and Espresso App

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