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Espresso Shot : 13 September – 17 September Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

September 09, 2021
Espresso Shot : 13 September – 17 September Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateFace Value (Rs)Company
HONDAPOWERAGM/Dividend - Rs 10 per share13-Sep-2110Honda India Power Products Limited
DONEARAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.2 per share13-Sep-212Donear Industries Limited
MANAKSIADividend - Rs 3 per share13-Sep-212Manaksia Limited
JKILAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share13-Sep-215J Kumar Infraprojects Limited
DALMIASUGDividend - Rs 3 per share13-Sep-212Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited
BLISSGVSAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.5 per share13-Sep-211Bliss GVS Pharma Limited
MPHASISAGM/Dividend - Rs 38 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 27 per share13-Sep-2110MphasiS Limited
TIPSINDLTDAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share13-Sep-2110TIPS Industries Limited
GANGAFORGEFace Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10 per share to Re 1 per share13-Sep-2110Ganga Forging Limited
CDSLAGM/Dividend - Rs 9 per share13-Sep-2110Central Depository Services (India) Limited
FIEMINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 16 per share13-Sep-2110Fiem Industries Limited
NDRAUTOAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share14-Sep-2110NDR Auto Components Limited
ITDCEMAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.12 per share14-Sep-211ITD Cementation India Limited
MAHLIFEBonus 2:114-Sep-2110Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited
ARIESDividend - Rs 0.8 per share14-Sep-2110Aries Agro Limited
HINDCOPPERAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.35 per share14-Sep-215Hindustan Copper Limited
TNPLAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share14-Sep-2110Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited
FINPIPEAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 2 per share14-Sep-212Finolex Industries Limited
SUPERHOUSEAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share14-Sep-2110Superhouse Limited
APEXAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share14-Sep-2110Apex Frozen Foods Limited
WORTHAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share14-Sep-2110Worth Peripherals Limited
ECLERXAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share15-Sep-2110eClerx Services Limited
WSTCSTPAPRAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share15-Sep-212West Coast Paper Mills Limited
GUJALKALIAGM/Dividend - Rs 8 per share15-Sep-2110Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
TANLAAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share15-Sep-211Tanla Platforms Limited
GIPCLDividend - Rs 2.7 per share15-Sep-2110Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited
HSILAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share15-Sep-212HSIL Limited
ANDHRSUGARDividend - Rs 10 per share15-Sep-2110Andhra Sugars Limited
EKCAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.3 per share15-Sep-212Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited
AMRUTANJANAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.6 per share15-Sep-211Amrutanjan Health Care Limited
HBLPOWERDividend - Rs 0.35 per share15-Sep-211HBL Power Systems Limited
DENORAAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share15-Sep-2110De Nora India Limited
BBLAGM/Dividend - Rs 5 per share15-Sep-2110Bharat Bijlee Limited
REPCOHOMEAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.5 per share15-Sep-2110Repco Home Finance Limited
INFIBEAMAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.05 per share15-Sep-211Infibeam Avenues Limited
SANDHARAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share15-Sep-2110Sandhar Technologies Limited
OILAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share16-Sep-2110Oil India Limited
BALPHARMAAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-2110Bal Pharma Limited
LICHSGFINAGM/Dividend - Rs 8.5 per share16-Sep-212LIC Housing Finance Limited
GLOBUSSPRDividend - Rs 2 per share16-Sep-2110Globus Spirits Limited
PHOENIXLTDAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-212Phoenix Mills Limited
LAOPALAAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share16-Sep-212La Opala RG Limited
BPCLAGM/Dividend - Rs 23 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 35 per share16-Sep-2110Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
TALBROAUTOAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share16-Sep-2110Talbros Automotive Components Limited
APLAPOLLOBonus 1:116-Sep-212APL Apollo Tubes Limited
ADFFOODSDividend - Rs 3 per share16-Sep-2110ADF Foods Limited
BODALCHEMAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.8 per share16-Sep-212Bodal Chemicals Limited
NAHARPOLYDividend - Rs 1.5 per share16-Sep-215Nahar Poly Films Limited
WABCOINDIADividend - Rs 11 per share16-Sep-215WABCO India Limited
MAWANASUGDividend - Rs 3 per share16-Sep-2110Mawana Sugars Limited
EXCELINDUSDividend - Rs 11.25 per share16-Sep-215Excel Industries Limited
GICHSGFINAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share16-Sep-2110GIC Housing Finance Limited
STARPAPERDividend - Rs 2.5 per share16-Sep-2110Star Paper Mills Limited
PAISALOAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-2110Paisalo Digital Limited
BLSAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.25 per share16-Sep-211BLS International Services Limited
RKECAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.2 per share16-Sep-2110RKEC Projects Limited
NACLINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.15 per share16-Sep-211NACL Industries Limited
APOLLODividend - Rs 0.25 per share16-Sep-2110Apollo Micro Systems Limited
SHREEPUSHKAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-2110Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Limited
ICEMAKEAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.2 per share16-Sep-2110Ice Make Refrigeration Limited
MANAKCOATAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.03 per share16-Sep-211Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Limited
IRCONAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.32 per share16-Sep-212Ircon International Limited
WEALTHDividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-2110Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited
NEOGENDividend - Rs 2.25 per share16-Sep-2110Neogen Chemicals Limited
VISHWARAJAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share16-Sep-2110Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited
SHILAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.3 per share16-Sep-212Somany Home Innovation Limited
INDOCOAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share17-Sep-212Indoco Remedies Limited
NCLINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 1 per share17-Sep-2110NCL Industries Limited
RATNAMANIAGM/Dividend - Rs 14 per share17-Sep-212Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited
JAYBARMARUAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.25 per share17-Sep-215Jay Bharat Maruti Limited
ESTERAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.9 per share17-Sep-215Ester Industries Limited
SHALBYAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share17-Sep-2110Shalby Limited
ALANKITAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.2 per share17-Sep-211Alankit Limited
KDDLAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share17-Sep-2110KDDL Limited
NXTDIGITALDividend - Rs 4 per share17-Sep-2110NXTDIGITAL Limited
BIGBLOCAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.25 per share17-Sep-2110Bigbloc Construction Limited
MGLAGM/Dividend - Rs 14 per share17-Sep-2110Mahanagar Gas Limited
CESCFace Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10 per share to Re 1 per share17-Sep-2110CESC Limited

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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Corporate Action Details

AGM/Dividend: Honda India Power Products Limited, Donear Industries Limited, J Kumar Infraprojects Limited, Bliss GVS Pharma Limited, TIPS Industries Limited, Central Depository Services (India) Limited, Fiem Industries Limited, NDR Auto Components Limited, ITD Cementation India Limited, Hindustan Copper Limited, Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited, Superhouse Limited, Apex Frozen Foods Limited, Worth Peripherals Limited, eClerx Services Limited, West Coast Paper Mills Limited, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited, Tanla Platforms Limited, HSIL Limited, Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, De Nora India Limited, Bharat Bijlee Limited, Repco Home Finance Limited, Infibeam Avenues Limited, Sandhar Technologies Limited, Oil India Limited, Bal Pharma Limited, LIC Housing Finance Limited, Phoenix Mills Limited, La Opala RG Limited, Talbros Automotive Components Limited, Bodal Chemicals Limited, GIC Housing Finance Limited, Paisalo Digital Limited, BLS International Services Limited, RKEC Projects Limited, NACL Industries Limited, Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Limited, Ice Make Refrigeration Limited, Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Limited, Ircon International Limited, Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited, Somany Home Innovation Limited, Indoco Remedies Limited, NCL Industries Limited, Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited, Jay Bharat Maruti Limited, Ester Industries Limited, Shalby Limited, Alankit Limited, KDDL Limited, Bigbloc Construction Limited, Mahanagar Gas Limited

Dividend: Manaksia Limited, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited, Aries Agro Limited, Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited, Andhra Sugars Limited, HBL Power Systems Limited, Globus Spirits Limited, ADF Foods Limited, Nahar Poly Films Limited, WABCO India Limited, Mawana Sugars Limited, Excel Industries Limited, Star Paper Mills Limited, Apollo Micro Systems Limited, Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited, Neogen Chemicals Limited, NXTDIGITAL Limited,

Face Value Split (Sub-Division): Ganga Forging Limited, CESC Limited

Bonus: Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited, APL Apollo Tubes Limited

AGM/Dividend / Special Dividend: MphasiS Limited, Finolex Industries Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Source: NSE and Espresso App

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