Espresso Platform F&O Trading Orders Functioning Normally: Latest Update


F&O orders now running normally on all Espresso platforms

November 24, 2021
F&O orders now running normally on all Espresso platforms

At the start of this short article, I’d like to acknowledge the F&O processing issue our servers were hit by on Monday, Nov 22. I’ll also be taking you through the concrete steps we’ll be taking to ensure such a situation does not arise again.

On Nov 22, a customer placed 45 Out of the Money (OTM) Options orders in an illiquid scrip at once. Normally, our RMS system would have caught this discrepancy and stopped the 16th pending order and all further orders from this batch of 45 orders for performance reasons. However, due to a loophole in the system, all of the 45 orders were accepted.

As a result, the system was continuously running worst-case scenarios for these 45 orders, which severely affected the system’s memory availability. This compromised our system's RAM for a few hours and created a bottle-neck that led to:

  • Unavailability of the statuses of the F&O orders placed before these bulk 45 orders were placed
  • Customers were unable to view whether their orders had gone to the Exchange or had been rejected, modified or cancelled
  • Customers were unable to reject, modify or cancel F&O orders
  • Customers were unable to place fresh F&O orders for a few hours

Steps we’ve taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again

Having run detailed diagnostics, we’ve identified the loophole in the system and we’re in the process of deploying patches in a server upgrade to fix such behaviour to avoid downtime.

Rest assured, this was a one-off glitch that has now been resolved. F&O orders can now once again be placed, modified and executed smoothly via all Espresso platforms.

R. Kalyanaraman
by R. Kalyanaraman

Chief Executive Officer

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