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Ezyoption Watchlist – the what, why and how!

August 04, 2022
Ezyoption Watchlist – the what, why and how!

Have you ever felt the pain of loading desired Options Strike on the watch list before the market starts? Don’t you think it is a time-consuming exercise?

To help option traders with this particular pain point, we have introduced the Ezyoption watch list – a custom-made Option watch list, which can be accessed in one go.

This feature is available on the Espresso website, Binge and App.

What is Ezyoption?

Ezyoption is a pre-defined watchlist for Nifty, Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty. It consists of Spot, Future and Options. This watchlist is beneficial for Scalpers and FNO traders and will solve the pain of creating, loading scrips every time, thus saving time and effort.

Now that we have covered what Ezyoption is, let’s see what the watchlist looks like and how it functions.

The default watch list consists of - Spot, Future, 4 strikes of CALL above the centre strike, the centre strike CALL and 4 strikes of CALL below the centre strike, 4 strikes of PUT above the centre strike, the centre strike PUT and 4 strikes of PUT below the centre strike. The scrip can be changed from the dropdown.

Now, see how to go about your way of seeing option strikes listing for Quick Trade Action!

Ezyoption Settings Screen -

The setting in the Ezyoption watchlist can be changed as per your requirement. 

Let’s understand the different sub-features of Ezyoption.

  1. Scrip name – In this drop-down, the user can choose Nifty, Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty.
  1. Expiry – The user can select the expiry from the drop-down. This drop-down will feature monthly as well as weekly expiry.
  1. Center strike or Auto refresh – Here, the user can select either of the two categories. If the center strike is selected, then the user can select the strike from a drop-down. The selected strike will appear as the center strike. If Auto refresh is selected, then the center strike will be as per the previous closing of that scrip.
  1. Show CALL & PUT above the center strike/ below the center strike – This setting can be used to increase and decrease the strikes above the center strike. A Minimum of 1 strike and a Maximum of 10 strikes can be added. Users can also unselect any option if he or she wishes not to see the strikes.
  1. Show CALL/PUT together –To see CALL and PUT together in the watch list, the user can select the check box.
  1. Show Spot – This setting is used to see whether the Spot is on the watch list or not. By default, this setting will be on.
  1. Show Near Future – Using this setting, the user can choose whether to see the near Future or not. Users can unselect the check box in the settings if he/she do not want to see the near Future.
  1. Show Strike price difference of – Nifty strikes have a difference of 50. Hence, according to this setting, the user can select if he wants the watchlist to be seen with a difference of 50 or 100 from the drop-down. For Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty, the difference between the strike is only 100. In such a case, the user will not have an option to select when the Scrip name selected will be in Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty.

Once these settings has been saved, the Ezyoption watchlist will be available for trading. Users can trade smoothly in Futures and Options from the Ezyoption Watch list. The Ezyoption settings will be in sync on all Espresso assets. 

Here you are Ready!

Once you have read this blog and understood each of the functions, you will be all set to use Ezyoptions and take your trading to the next level.

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