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Advanced Features of Option Chain Functionality - the what why and how

April 02, 2022
Advanced Features of Option Chain Functionality - the what why and how

Options Trading is mostly about crunching numbers. You need a lot of data points and real-time updates to conduct strong analysis before jumping into a trade. As a helpmate, we’ve added advanced data points and open interest charts on the Espresso website via the Option Chain functionality.

Key features of Option Chain on Espresso web

Mirror scroll effect

The mirror scroll effect makes things convenient for you. When you scroll Call side columns, Put side columns will scroll automatically in the same alignment, helping you compare both sides in a single view, demonstrated in the following screenshot:

Live Greeks

Enjoy real-time Greeks updation in Option Chain, allowing you to always gauge the market with ease. Greeks help you to understand market sentiments in real time, as seen below:

Open Interest Graphs

The graphical view gives a good illustration when it comes to data, so we’ve added Open Interest and Open Interest Change graphs in Option Chain. You will see what is happening with market participants at every individual strike, as seen in the following screenshot:

New data points

  • Performance – Long/short build-up, which is Open Interest data’s relation to the price at every strike
  • OI Lot – Lot-wise Open Interest data
  • Val – Theoretical Value as per Black-Scholes model for every Call/Put (strike wise)
  • Time Value – Which displays how much time value is left in every contract in terms of the Theoretical price compared to the last traded price (strike wise)

It would be great if you could let us know how Option Chain with all these additional features works for your trading style and what you think about the new avatar of Option Chain.

Chandresh Khona
by Chandresh Khona

Product Offerings Head

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