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Espresso Shot: Sep 5 - Sep 9 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

September 02, 2022
Espresso Shot: Sep 5 - Sep 9 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
BHARATRASFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5005-Sep-22Bharat Rasayan Ltd.
EMMBIDividend - Rs.0.6005-Sep-22Emmbi Industries Ltd
GARFIBRESFinal Dividend - Rs.705-Sep-22Garware Technical Fibres Ltd
ISFTFinal Dividend - Rs.105-Sep-22Intrasoft Technologies Ltd.
MANGCHEFERDividend - Rs.1.2005-Sep-22Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.
NATPEROXDividend - Rs.505-Sep-22National Peroxide Ltd.
TRANSPEKDividend - Rs.22.5005-Sep-22Transpek Industry Ltd.
YUKENFinal Dividend - Rs.0.8005-Sep-22Yuken India Ltd.
BANCOINDIADividend - Rs.2006-Sep-22Banco Products (India) Ltd.
DHARAMSIFinal Dividend - Rs.106-Sep-22Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co.Ltd.
DRAGARWQFinal Dividend - Rs.306-Sep-22Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital Ltd.
ESCORPBonus issue 2:306-Sep-22Escorp Asset Management Ltd
GAILBonus issue 1:206-Sep-22Gail (India) Ltd.
HALDYNGLDividend - Rs.0.6006-Sep-22Haldyn Glass Ltd
KAMDHENUSpin Off 06-Sep-22Kamdhenu Ltd
VINATIORGADividend - Rs.6.5006-Sep-22Vinati Organics Ltd.
VIPULORGFinal Dividend - Rs.0.9006-Sep-22Vipul Organics Ltd
ACRYSILFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2007-Sep-22Acrysil Ltd.
ASAHIINDIADividend - Rs.2.0007-Sep-22Asahi India Glass Ltd.
CHEMFABALKADividend - Rs.1.2507-Sep-22Chemfab Alkalis Ltd
DIANATEADividend - Rs.0.5007-Sep-22Diana Tea Co.Ltd.
JINDRILLDividend - Rs.0.5007-Sep-22Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd.
KLRFMDividend - Rs.1.8007-Sep-22Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd
MAHSEAMLESDividend - Rs.507-Sep-22Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.
METROGLOBLDividend - Rs.207-Sep-22Metroglobal Limited
NIRLONFinal Dividend - Rs.1107-Sep-22Nirlon Ltd.
NRBBEARINGFinal Dividend - Rs.207-Sep-22NRB Bearings Ltd.
RAINBOWFinal Dividend - Rs.207-Sep-22Rainbow Children's Medicare Ltd
APCLFinal Dividend - Rs.308-Sep-22Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.
APOLLOFinal Dividend - Rs.0.2508-Sep-22Apollo Micro Systems Ltd
ASHIANAFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5008-Sep-22Ashiana Housing Ltd.
BAJAJSTDividend - Rs.208-Sep-22Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.
BELLACASAFinal Dividend - Rs.0.9108-Sep-22Bella Casa Fashion & Retail Ltd
BEMLSpin Off 08-Sep-22BEML Ltd.
DECCANCEFinal Dividend - Rs.508-Sep-22Deccan Cements Ltd.
DEEPINDFinal Dividend - Rs.1.8508-Sep-22Deep Industries Ltd
ELECTCASTFinal Dividend - Rs.0.8008-Sep-22Electrosteel Castings Ltd.
GULFOILLUBDividend - Rs.508-Sep-22Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd
IRCONFinal Dividend - Rs.0.6508-Sep-22IRCON International Ltd
JKILDividend - Rs.308-Sep-22J.Kumar Infraprojects Ltd.
JYOTIRESBonus issue 2:108-Sep-22Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd.
KIOCLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7908-Sep-22KIOCL Ltd
MASTEKFinal Dividend - Rs.1208-Sep-22Mastek Ltd.
MOILFinal Dividend - Rs.308-Sep-22MOIL Ltd.
MUNJALAUFinal Dividend - Rs.108-Sep-22Munjal Auto Industries Ltd.
PANCHSHEELInterim Dividend - Rs.108-Sep-22Panchsheel Organics Ltd.
PPAPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5008-Sep-22PPAP Automotive Limited
PREMEXPLQFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5008-Sep-22Premier Explosives Ltd.
RITESFinal Dividend - Rs.3.5008-Sep-22Rites Ltd
RKFORGEFinal Dividend - Rs.0.2008-Sep-22Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd.
RUCHIRAFinal Dividend - Rs.208-Sep-22Ruchira Papers Ltd.
SATINDLTDDividend - Rs.0.1508-Sep-22SAT Industries Ltd.
SINGERFinal Dividend - Rs.108-Sep-22Singer India Ltd.
SKMEGGPRODFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5008-Sep-22SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd.
TATVAFinal Dividend - Rs.208-Sep-22TATVA Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd
THEMISMEDFinal Dividend - Rs.508-Sep-22Themis Medicare Ltd.
VENKYSFinal Dividend - Rs.1308-Sep-22Venky's (India) Ltd.
VIKRAMTHFinal Dividend - Rs.0.3008-Sep-22Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd.
ACEFinal Dividend - Rs.0.6009-Sep-22Action Construction Equipment Ltd.
GMMFinal Dividend - Rs.309-Sep-22GMM Pfaudler Ltd.
GSFCDividend - Rs.2.5009-Sep-22Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
HISARMETFinal Dividend - Rs.109-Sep-22Hisar Metal Industries Ltd.
MALLCOMFinal Dividend - Rs.309-Sep-22Mallcom (India) Ltd
NATCAPSUQDividend - Rs.109-Sep-22Natural Capsules Ltd.
SAPPLFinal Dividend - Rs.109-Sep-22Shree Ajit Pulp And Paper Ltd
SUMEDHAFinal Dividend - Rs.109-Sep-22Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd.
SUVENPHARInterim Dividend09-Sep-22Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd
SYNCOMFFinal Dividend - Rs.0.0309-Sep-22Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd.
TFCILTDDividend - Rs.1.2009-Sep-22Tourism Finance Corporation Of India Ltd
WINDLASDividend - Rs.3.5009-Sep-22Windlas Biotech Ltd

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Final Dividend: Bharat Rasayan Ltd, Garware Technical Fibres Ltd, Intrasoft Technologies Ltd, Yuken India Ltd, Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co.Ltd, Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital Ltd, Vipul Organics Ltd, Acrysil Ltd, Nirlon Ltd, NRB Bearings Ltd, Rainbow Children's Medicare Ltd, Anjani Portland Cement Ltd, Apollo Micro Systems Ltd, Ashiana Housing Ltd, Bella Casa Fashion & Retail Ltd, Deccan Cements Ltd, Deep Industries Ltd, Electrosteel Castings Ltd, IRCON International Ltd, KIOCL Ltd, Mastek Ltd, MOIL Ltd, Munjal Auto Industries Ltd, PPAP Automotive Limited, Premier Explosives Ltd, Rites Ltd, Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd, Ruchira Papers Ltd, Singer India Ltd, SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd, TATVA Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd, Themis Medicare Ltd, Venky's (India) Ltd, Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd, Action Construction Equipment Ltd, GMM Pfaudler Ltd, Hisar Metal Industries Ltd, Mallcom (India) Ltd, S,hree Ajit Pulp And Paper Ltd, Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd, Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd.

Dividend : Emmbi Industries Ltd, Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, National Peroxide Ltd, Transpek Industry Ltd, Banco Products (India) Ltd, Haldyn Glass Ltd, Vinati Organics Ltd, Asahi India Glass Ltd, Chemfab Alkalis Ltd, Diana Tea Co.Ltd, Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd, Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd, Maharashtra Seamless Ltd, Metroglobal Limited, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd, J.Kumar Infraprojects Ltd, SAT Industries Ltd, Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, Natural Capsules Ltd, Tourism Finance Corporation Of India Ltd, Windlas Biotech Ltd.

Bonus issue: Escorp Asset Management Ltd, Gail (India) Ltd, Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd.

Spin Off: Kamdhenu Ltd, BEML Ltd.

Interim Dividend: Panchsheel Organics Ltd, Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


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