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Espresso Shot: Nov 22 – 26 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

November 18, 2021
Espresso Shot: Nov 22 – 26 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
ESTERInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.400022-Nov-21ESTER INDUSTRIES LTD.
GABRIELInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.550022-Nov-21GABRIEL INDIA LTD.
GLSInterim Dividend - Rs. - 10.500022-Nov-21Glenmark Life Sciences Ltd
IPCALABInterim Dividend - Rs. - 8.000022-Nov-21IPCA LABORATORIES LTD.
IRCONInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.700022-Nov-21IRCON International Ltd
JAMNAAUTOInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.500022-Nov-21JAMNA AUTO INDUSTRIES LTD.
MSTCInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000022-Nov-21MSTC Ltd
ONGCInterim Dividend - Rs. - 5.500022-Nov-21Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd
PREMCOInterim Dividend - Rs. - 4.000022-Nov-21PREMCO GLOBAL LTD.
QUESSInterim Dividend - Rs. - 4.000022-Nov-21Quess Corp Ltd
TIDEWATERInterim Dividend - Rs. - 20.000022-Nov-21TIDE WATER OIL (INDIA) LTD.
CAMSInterim Dividend - Rs. - 9.500023-Nov-21Computer Age Management Services Ltd
COCHINSHIPInterim Dividend - Rs. - 6.000023-Nov-21Cochin Shipyard Ltd
HALInterim Dividend - Rs. - 14.000023-Nov-21Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
LIKHITHAInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.500023-Nov-21Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd
NATCOPHARMInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.500023-Nov-21NATCO PHARMA LTD.
OILInterim Dividend - Rs. - 3.500023-Nov-21OIL INDIA LTD.
RAMAPHOInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.200023-Nov-21RAMA PHOSPHATES LTD.
AMARAJABATInterim Dividend - Rs. - 4.000024-Nov-21AMARA RAJA BATTERIES LTD.
CRISILInterim Dividend - Rs. - 9.000024-Nov-21CRISIL LTD.
GMPLInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.000024-Nov-21G M Polyplast Ltd
GPPLInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.600024-Nov-21GUJARAT PIPAVAV PORT LTD.
GRANULESInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.250024-Nov-21GRANULES INDIA LTD.
GUJTHEMInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000024-Nov-21GUJARAT THEMIS BIOSYN LTD.
GUJTHEMSpecial Dividend - Rs. - 5.000024-Nov-21GUJARAT THEMIS BIOSYN LTD.
HGSInterim Dividend - Rs. - 10.000024-Nov-21HINDUJA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD.
MANAPPURAMInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.750024-Nov-21MANAPPURAM FINANCE LTD.
MORGANITESpecial Dividend - Rs. - 42.000024-Nov-21MORGANITE CRUCIBLE (INDIA) LTD.
NATIONALUMInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000024-Nov-21NATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD.
PFCInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.500024-Nov-21POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LTD.
POLYPLEXInterim Dividend - Rs. - 15.000024-Nov-21POLYPLEX CORPORATION LTD.
RCFInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.350024-Nov-21RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD.
RITESInterim Dividend - Rs. - 4.000024-Nov-21RITES Ltd
ZUARIGLOBInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000024-Nov-21ZUARI GLOBAL LTD.
ABANSENTInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.100025-Nov-21Abans Enterprises Ltd
BHARATFORGInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.500025-Nov-21BHARAT FORGE LTD.
CUPIDInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.000025-Nov-21CUPID LTD.
INDAGInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.900025-Nov-21INDAG RUBBER LTD.
KIOCLInterim Dividend - Rs. - 0.980025-Nov-21KIOCL Ltd
KSCLInterim Dividend - Rs. - 4.000025-Nov-21KAVERI SEED COMPANY LTD.
NILEInterim Dividend - Rs. - 1.000025-Nov-21NILE LTD.
PANAMAPETInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000025-Nov-21PANAMA PETROCHEM LTD.
PGFOILQInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000025-Nov-21PG FOILS LTD.
PTCInterim Dividend - Rs. - 2.000025-Nov-21PTC INDIA LTD.

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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