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Espresso Shot: June 13 - June 17 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

June 10, 2022
Espresso Shot: June 13 - June 17 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
CERAFinal Dividend - Rs.2013-Jun-22Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.
CERASpecial Dividend - Rs.1513-Jun-22Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.
DARSHANORNAStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-13-Jun-22Darshan Orna Ltd
RAJGLOWIRFinal Dividend - Rs.213-Jun-22Rajratan Global Wire Ltd.
AVONMOREBuy Back of Shares 14-Jun-22Avonmore Capital & Management Services Limited
DCBBANKDividend - Rs.114-Jun-22DCB Bank Limited
HAVELLSFinal Dividend - Rs.4.5014-Jun-22Havells India Ltd.
INDIANBFinal Dividend - Rs.6.5014-Jun-22Indian Bank
RSYSTEMINTInterim Dividend - Rs.6.5014-Jun-22R Systems International Limited
CANBKDividend - Rs.6.5015-Jun-22Canara Bank
HIGHENEFinal Dividend - Rs.1515-Jun-22High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd.
HINDUNILVRFinal Dividend - Rs.1915-Jun-22Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
KECFinal Dividend - Rs.415-Jun-22Kec International Ltd.
KHAICHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.0.1515-Jun-22Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.
NEWGENDividend - Rs.4.5015-Jun-22Newgen Software Technologies Ltd
SONATSOFTWFinal Dividend - Rs.1315-Jun-22Sonata Software Ltd.
TATACHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.12.5015-Jun-22Tata Chemicals Ltd.
TATAELXSIFinal Dividend - Rs.42.5015-Jun-22Tata Elxsi Ltd.
TATAPOWERFinal Dividend - Rs.1.7515-Jun-22Tata Power Co.Ltd.
TATASTEELFinal Dividend - Rs.5115-Jun-22Tata Steel Ltd.
TINPLATEDividend - Rs.4.0015-Jun-22Tinplate Company of India Ltd.
AJANTSOYStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-16-Jun-22Ajanta Soya Ltd.
APOLLOTYREDividend - Rs.3.2516-Jun-22Apollo Tyres Ltd.
CIGNITIFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5016-Jun-22Cigniti Technologies Ltd.
COSMOFILMSBonus issue 1:216-Jun-22Cosmo Films Ltd.
DUTRONFinal Dividend - Rs.1.4016-Jun-22Dutron Polymers Ltd.
EIMCOELECODividend - Rs.2.5016-Jun-22Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.
ICICIPRULIDividend - Rs.0.5516-Jun-22ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd
RISHIROOPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5016-Jun-22Rishiroop Ltd
SKPSECBonus issue 1:116-Jun-22SKP Securities Ltd.
VIMTALABSDividend - Rs.216-Jun-22Vimta Labs Ltd.
VTMLTDDividend - Rs.0.9016-Jun-22VTM LTD.
XPROINDIADividend - Rs.216-Jun-22XPRO India LTD.
AVANTELBonus issue 3:117-Jun-22Avantel Ltd.
BANKBARODADividend - Rs.2.8517-Jun-22Bank oF Baroda
DIAMINESQFinal Dividend - Rs.317-Jun-22Diamines & Chemicals Ltd.
MOLFinal Dividend - Rs.1.4017-Jun-22Meghmani Organics Ltd
MPSLTDFinal Dividend - Rs.3017-Jun-22MPS LTD.

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Final Dividend : Cera Sanitaryware Ltd,Rajratan Global Wire Ltd, Havells India Ltd, Indian Bank,High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Kec International Ltd, Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, Sonata Software Ltd, Tata Chemicals Ltd, Tata Elxsi Ltd, Tata Power Co.Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, Cigniti Technologies Ltd, Dutron Polymers Ltd, Rishiroop Ltd, Diamines & Chemicals Ltd, Meghmani Organics Ltd, MPS LTD.

Special Dividend : Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.

Stock Split : Darshan Orna Ltd, Ajanta Soya Ltd.

Buy Back of Shares : Avonmore Capital & Management Services Limited.

Dividend : DCB Bank Limited, Canara Bank, Newgen Software Technologies Ltd, Tinplate Company of India Ltd, Apollo Tyres Ltd, Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Vimta Labs Ltd, VTM LTD, XPRO India LTD, Bank oF Baroda.

Interim Dividend : R Systems International Limited.

Bonus issue : Cosmo Films Ltd, SKP Securities Ltd, Avantel Ltd.


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