Feb 6- Feb 10, 2023 Next Week Key Corporate Action


Espresso Shot: Feb 6- Feb 10, 2023 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

February 03, 2023
Espresso Shot: Feb 6- Feb 10, 2023 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
CONCORInterim Dividend - Rs.406-Feb-23Container Corporation of India Ltd,
MINDSPACEIncome Distribution RITES  06-Feb-23Mindspace Business Parks REIT
PATELENGRight Issue of Equity Shares 06-Feb-23Patel Engineering Ltd
SIYSILInterim Dividend - Rs.306-Feb-23Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd
SONACOMSInterim Dividend - Rs.1.2806-Feb-23Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd
APCOTEXINDInterim Dividend - Rs.207-Feb-23Apcotex Industries Ltd,
EDVENSWARight Issue of Equity Shares 07-Feb-23Edvenswa Enterprises Ltd
IGLInterim Dividend - Rs.307-Feb-23Indraprastha Gas Ltd,
IIFLInterim Dividend - Rs.407-Feb-23IIFL Finance Ltd
KIRLPNUInterim Dividend - Rs.2.5007-Feb-23Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd
KPELInterim Dividend - Rs.0.2507-Feb-23K.P. Energy Ltd
ROUTEInterim Dividend - Rs.607-Feb-23Route Mobile Ltd
SHARDACROPInterim Dividend - Rs.307-Feb-23Sharda Cropchem Ltd
SRFInterim Dividend - Rs.3.6007-Feb-23SRF Ltd
TCIInterim Dividend - Rs.2.5007-Feb-23Transport Corporation of India Ltd
AARTIDRUGSInterim Dividend - Rs.108-Feb-23Aarti Drugs Ltd
ANURASInterim Dividend - Rs.0.6008-Feb-23Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
COALINDIAInterim Dividend - Rs.5.2508-Feb-23Coal India Ltd
HILInterim Dividend - Rs.2008-Feb-23HIL Ltd
KAJARIACERInterim Dividend - Rs.608-Feb-23Kajaria Ceramics Ltd
MOILInterim Dividend - Rs.308-Feb-23Moil Ltd 
PGHHInterim Dividend - Rs.8008-Feb-23Proctor & Gamble Hygiene and Health Ltd 
POWERGRIDInterim Dividend - Rs.508-Feb-23Power Grid Corporation of India 
RADIANTCMSInterim Dividend - Rs.108-Feb-23Radiant Cash Management Services Ltd
RAILTELInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5008-Feb-23RailTel Corporation of India Ltd
SHANTIGEARInterim Dividend - Rs.308-Feb-23Shanthi Gears Ltd 
SUNPHARMAInterim Dividend - Rs.7.5008-Feb-23Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd 
TCIEXP*Interim Dividend - Rs.308-Feb-23TCI Express Ltd
GILLETTEInterim Dividend - Rs.3509-Feb-23Gillette India Ltd 
GREENPANELInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5009-Feb-23Greenpanel Industries Ltd
IMPALInterim Dividend - Rs.909-Feb-23India Motor Parts and Accessories Ltd 
ORIENTELECInterim Dividend - Rs.0.7509-Feb-23Orient Electric Ltd
QGOInterim Dividend - Rs.0.1009-Feb-23QGO Finance Ltd
RECLTDInterim Dividend - Rs.3.2509-Feb-23REC Ltd
BELInterim Dividend - Rs.0.6010-Feb-23Bharat Electronics Ltd 
CARBORUNIVInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5010-Feb-23Carborundum Universal Limited 
CARERATINGInterim Dividend - Rs.1010-Feb-23CARE Ratings Ltd
CHOLAFINInterim Dividend - Rs.1.3010-Feb-23Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd
CLEANInterim Dividend10-Feb-23Clean Science and Technology Ltd
GESHIPInterim Dividend - Rs.7.2010-Feb-23Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited 
GPTINFRAInterim Dividend - Rs.110-Feb-23GPT Infraprojects Ltd 
JUBLINGREAInterim Dividend - Rs. 2.5010-Feb-23Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd
KPITTECHInterim Dividend - Rs.1.4510-Feb-23KPIT Technologies Ltd
MASFINInterim Dividend - Rs.1.8010-Feb-23MAS Financial Services Ltd
NACLINDInterim Dividend - Rs.0.1510-Feb-23NACL Industries Ltd
ORIENTCEMInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5010-Feb-23Orient Cement Ltd
PCBLInterim Dividend - Rs.5.5010-Feb-23PCBL Ltd
PHCAPDividend - Rs.0.2510-Feb-23PH Capital Ltd 
SPORTKINGBuy Back of Shares 10-Feb-23Sportking India Ltd
VALIANTORGInterim Dividend - Rs.110-Feb-23Valiant Organics Ltd
VRLLOGBuy Back of Shares 10-Feb-23VRL Logistics Ltd

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Interim Dividend: Container Corporation of India Ltd, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd, Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd, Apcotex Industries Ltd, Indraprastha Gas Ltd, IIFL Finance Ltd, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd, K.P. Energy Ltd, Route Mobile Ltd, Sharda Cropchem Ltd, SRF Ltd, Transport Corporation of India Ltd, Aarti Drugs Ltd, Anupam Rasayan India Ltd, Coal India Ltd, HIL Ltd, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd, Moil Ltd, Proctor & Gamble Hygiene and Health Ltd, Power Grid Corporation of India, Radiant Cash Management Services Ltd, RailTel Corporation of India Ltd, Shanthi Gears Ltd, Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, TCI Express Ltd, Gillette India Ltd, Greenpanel Industries Ltd, India Motor Parts and Accessories Ltd, Orient Electric Ltd, QGO Finance Ltd, REC Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Carborundum Universal Limited, CARE Ratings Ltd, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd, Clean Science and Technology Ltd, Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited, GPT Infraprojects Ltd , Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd, KPIT Technologies Ltd, MAS Financial Services Ltd, NACL Industries Ltd, Orient Cement Ltd, PCBL Ltd, Valiant Organics Ltd.

Income Distribution RITES: Mindspace Business Parks REIT.

Right Issue of Equity Shares: Patel Engineering Ltd, Edvenswa Enterprises Ltd.

Dividend: PH Capital Ltd.

Buy Back of Shares: Sportking India Ltd, VRL Logistics Ltd.


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