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Espresso Shot: Aug 8 - Aug 12 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

August 05, 2022
Espresso Shot: Aug 8 - Aug 12 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
ALKEMFinal Dividend - Rs.408-Aug-22Alkem Laboratories Ltd
BELFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5008-Aug-22Bharat Electronics Ltd.
CASTROLINDInterim Dividend - Rs.308-Aug-22Castrol India Ltd.
CHENNPETROFinal Dividend - Rs.208-Aug-22Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
CIPLADividend - Rs.508-Aug-22Cipla Ltd.
DBCORPInterim Dividend - Rs.308-Aug-22D B Corp Ltd
HIGHENEStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-08-Aug-22High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd.
HONAUTDividend - Rs.9008-Aug-22Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
ICICIBANKFinal Dividend - Rs.508-Aug-22ICICI Bank Ltd.
KRITIINDFinal Dividend - Rs.0.2008-Aug-22Kriti Industries (India) Ltd.
KRITINUTFinal Dividend - Rs.0.1808-Aug-22Kriti Nutrients Ltd
RJSHAHDividend - Rs.2.5008-Aug-22R.J.Shah & Co.Ltd.
RUPADividend - Rs.308-Aug-22Rupa & Company Ltd.
WSTCSTPAPRFinal Dividend - Rs.608-Aug-22West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.
CUBDividend - Rs.110-Aug-22City Union Bank Ltd.
DIVSHKTFinal Dividend - Rs.210-Aug-22Divyashakti Ltd
GESHIPInterim Dividend - Rs.5.4010-Aug-22Great Eastern Shipping Co.Ltd.
KALYANIFRGFinal Dividend - Rs.310-Aug-22Kalyani Forge Ltd.
KEMPFinal Dividend - Rs.410-Aug-22Kemp & Company Ltd.
NHPCFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5010-Aug-22NHPC Ltd.
NTPCFinal Dividend - Rs.310-Aug-22NTPC Ltd.
SANGHVIMOVDividend - Rs.110-Aug-22Sanghvi Movers Ltd.
SANSERADividend - Rs.210-Aug-22Sansera Engineering Ltd
SILDividend - Rs.0.7510-Aug-22Standard Industries Ltd.
VAIBHAVGBLInterim Dividend - Rs.1.5010-Aug-22Vaibhav Global Ltd
ADVENZYMESFinal Dividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd
AJMERAFinal Dividend - Rs.2.2511-Aug-22Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd.
ALKALIFinal Dividend - Rs.211-Aug-22Alkali Metals Ltd.
ASTRAMICROFinal Dividend - Rs.1.4011-Aug-22Astra Microwave Products Ltd.
BALKRISINDInterim Dividend11-Aug-22Balkrishna Industries Ltd.
COALINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.311-Aug-22Coal India Ltd.
DIVISLABDividend - Rs.3011-Aug-22Divi's Laboratories Ltd.
DIXONFinal Dividend - Rs.211-Aug-22Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd
EMAMIPAPDividend - Rs.1.6011-Aug-22Emami Paper Mills Ltd.
ENDURANCEFinal Dividend - Rs.6.2511-Aug-22Endurance Technologies Ltd
ERISInterim Dividend11-Aug-22Eris Lifesciences Ltd
FINEORGFinal Dividend - Rs.911-Aug-22Fine Organic Industries Ltd
GODFRYPHLPDividend - Rs.2811-Aug-22Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.
GRASIMDividend - Rs.511-Aug-22Grasim Industries Ltd.
GRPLTDDividend - Rs.911-Aug-22GRP Ltd.
HESTERBIODividend - Rs.1011-Aug-22Hester Biosciences Ltd.
HINDALCODividend - Rs.411-Aug-22Hindalco Industries Ltd.
IEXFinal Dividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Indian Energy Exchange Ltd
INDUSINDBKDividend - Rs.8.5011-Aug-22Indusind Bank Ltd.
IOCFinal Dividend - Rs.2.4011-Aug-22Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
IPLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7511-Aug-22India Pesticides Ltd
JAMNAAUTOFinal Dividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Jamna Auto Industries Ltd.
JTEKTINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.0.4011-Aug-22JTEKT India Ltd
JUBLPHARMAFinal Dividend - Rs.511-Aug-22Jubilant Pharmova Ltd
KOTAKBANKDividend - Rs. - 1.111-Aug-22Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
KPRMILLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.1511-Aug-22K.P.R. Mill Limited
MGLFinal Dividend - Rs.15.5011-Aug-22Mahanagar Gas Ltd
NAHARCAPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5011-Aug-22Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd.
NAHARPOLYFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5011-Aug-22Nahar Polyfilms Ltd.
NAHARSPINGFinal Dividend - Rs.211-Aug-22Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.
NCCDividend - Rs.211-Aug-22NCC Limited
PATINTLOGFinal Dividend - Rs.0.1011-Aug-22Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd.
POBS Final Dividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Platinumone Business Services Ltd
RAINInterim Dividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Rain Industries Ltd
RAJPALAYAMDividend - Rs.111-Aug-22Rajapalayam Mills Ltd.
REPCOHOMEFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5011-Aug-22Repco Home Finance Ltd.
SHREYANINDFinal Dividend - Rs.211-Aug-22Shreyans Industries Ltd.
SHRIDINEFinal Dividend - Rs.7.5011-Aug-22Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd.
SHYAMMETLInterim Dividend - Rs.1.8011-Aug-22Shyam Metalics And Energy Ltd
SUNILAGRDividend - Rs.0.5011-Aug-22Sunil Agro Foods Ltd.
TALBROSENGFinal Dividend - Rs.211-Aug-22Talbros Engineering Ltd
TIMKENFinal Dividend - Rs.1.5011-Aug-22Timken India Ltd.
TRITURBINEFinal Dividend - Rs.0.8511-Aug-22Triveni Turbine Ltd.
TRITURBINESpecial Dividend - Rs.0.7011-Aug-22Triveni Turbine Ltd.
VARIMANStock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-11-Aug-22Variman Global Enterprises Ltd
VBLInterim Dividend - Rs.2.5011-Aug-22Varun Beverages Ltd
VSTTILLERSFinal Dividend - Rs.2011-Aug-22V.S.T.Tillers Tractors Ltd.
AVTNPLFinal Dividend - Rs.0.6012-Aug-22AVT Natural Products Ltd.
BDHFinal Dividend - Rs.3.6012-Aug-22Bdh Industries Ltd.
BRIGHTBRFinal Dividend - Rs.512-Aug-22Bright Brothers Ltd.
CAMSInterim Dividend12-Aug-22Computer Age Management Services Ltd
COMPUSOFTDividend - Rs.0.4012-Aug-22Compucom Software Ltd.
DYNAMICFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5012-Aug-22Dynamic Cables Ltd
EICHERMOTFinal Dividend - Rs.2112-Aug-22Eicher Motors Ltd.
FIEMINDFinal Dividend - Rs.2012-Aug-22Fiem Industries Ltd.
IRBInterim Dividend12-Aug-22Irb Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
ISGECFinal Dividend - Rs.212-Aug-22ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd
JBCHEPHARMFinal Dividend - Rs.812-Aug-22J.B.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
KPITTECHDividend - Rs.1.8512-Aug-22KPIT Technologies Ltd
MAANALUInterim Dividend12-Aug-22Maan Aluminium Ltd.
MASFINFinal Dividend - Rs.1.7512-Aug-22MAS Financial Services Ltd
RAMAPHOFinal Dividend - Rs.0.8012-Aug-22Rama Phosphates Ltd.
SHRGLTRFinal Dividend - Rs.0.2012-Aug-22Shree Global Tradefin Ltd.
SKIPPERDividend - Rs.0.1012-Aug-22Skipper Ltd
TRIVENIFinal Dividend - Rs.212-Aug-22Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.
WPILDividend - Rs.1012-Aug-22WPIL Ltd.

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Final Dividend : Alkem Laboratories Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, Kriti Industries (India) Ltd, Kriti Nutrients Ltd, West Coast Paper Mills Ltd, Divyashakti Ltd, Kalyani Forge Ltd, Kemp & Company Ltd, NHPC Ltd, NTPC Ltd, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd, Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd, Alkali Metals Ltd, Astra Microwave Products Ltd, Coal India Ltd, Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd, Endurance Technologies Ltd ,Fine Organic Industries Ltd, Indian Energy Exchange Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, India Pesticides Ltd, Jamna Auto Industries Ltd, JTEKT India Ltd, Jubilant Pharmova Ltd, K.P.R. Mill Limited, Mahanagar Gas Ltd, Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd, Nahar Polyfilms Ltd, Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd, Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd, Platinumone Business Services Ltd, Repco Home Finance Ltd, Shreyans Industries Ltd, Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd, Talbros Engineering Ltd, Timken India Ltd, Triveni Turbine Ltd, V.S.T.Tillers Tractors Ltd, AVT Natural Products Ltd, Bdh Industries Ltd, Bdh Industries Ltd, Bright Brothers Ltd, Dynamic Cables Ltd, Eicher Motors Ltd, Fiem Industries Ltd, ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd, J.B.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, MAS Financial Services Ltd, Rama Phosphates Ltd, Shree Global Tradefin Ltd, Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.

Interim Dividend : Castrol India Ltd, D B Corp Ltd, Great Eastern Shipping Co.Ltd, Balkrishna Industries Ltd, Eris Lifesciences Ltd, Rain Industries Ltd, Rajapalayam Mills Ltd, Shyam Metalics And Energy Ltd, Varun Beverages Ltd, Computer Age Management Services Ltd, Irb Infrastructure Developers Ltd, Maan Aluminium Ltd.

Dividend : Cipla Ltd, Honeywell Automation India Ltd, R.J.Shah & Co.Ltd, Rupa & Company Ltd, City Union Bank Ltd, Sanghvi Movers Ltd, Sansera Engineering Ltd, Standard Industries Ltd, Vaibhav Global Ltd, Divi's Laboratories Ltd, Emami Paper Mills Ltd, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, Grasim Industries Ltd, GRP Ltd, Hester Biosciences Ltd, Hindalco Industries Ltd, Indusind Bank Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, NCC Limited, Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd, NCC Limited, Sunil Agro Foods Ltd, Compucom Software Ltd, KPIT Technologies Ltd, Skipper Ltd, WPIL Ltd.

Stock  Split : High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd, Variman Global Enterprises Ltd, Variman Global Enterprises Ltd.

Special Dividend : Triveni Turbine Ltd.


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