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Espresso Shot: Aug 1 - Aug 5 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

July 29, 2022
Espresso Shot: Aug 1 - Aug 5 2022 Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateCompany
ALBERTDADividend - Rs.901-Aug-22Albert David Ltd.
BHARTIARTLDividend - Rs.301-Aug-22Bharti Airtel Ltd.
GAELDividend - Rs.0.6501-Aug-22Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.
GAILFinal Dividend - Rs.101-Aug-22Gail (India) Ltd.
HIRECTDividend - Rs.0.4001-Aug-22Hind Rectifiers Ltd.
IIFLWAMInterim Dividend - Rs.1501-Aug-22IIFL Wealth Management Ltd
KIRLOSINDFinal Dividend - Rs.1001-Aug-22Kirloskar Industries Ltd
MENNPISFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7501-Aug-22Menon Pistons Ltd.
NBVENTURESFinal Dividend - Rs.601-Aug-22Nava Ltd
PAUSHAKLTDFinal Dividend - Rs.1201-Aug-22Paushak Ltd.
PUNJABCHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.301-Aug-22Punjab Chemicals And Crop Protection Ltd.
RATNAMANIDividend - Rs.1401-Aug-22Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.
SUDARSCHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.501-Aug-22Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.
UNICHEMLABFinal Dividend - Rs.401-Aug-22Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
ABBOTINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.14502-Aug-22Abbott India Ltd.
ABBOTINDIASpecial Dividend - Rs.13002-Aug-22Abbott India Ltd.
ANANDRATHIFinal Dividend - Rs.602-Aug-22Anand Rathi Wealth Ltd
CENTUMFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5002-Aug-22Centum Electronics Ltd.
CHOLAHLDNGDividend - Rs.0.5502-Aug-22Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Ltd
CUMMINSINDFinal Dividend - Rs.10.5002-Aug-22Cummins India Ltd.
DLFDividend - Rs.302-Aug-22DLF Ltd.
HERCULESFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2502-Aug-22Hercules Hoists Ltd.
HERCULESSpecial Dividend - Rs.0.6002-Aug-22Hercules Hoists Ltd.
IGPLDividend - Rs.1002-Aug-22I G Petrochemicals Ltd.
JKCEMENTFinal Dividend - Rs.1502-Aug-22J.K.Cement Ltd.
KCPFinal Dividend - Rs.102-Aug-22K.C.P.Ltd.
KIRLOSBROSFinal Dividend - Rs.302-Aug-22Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
LXMIATODividend - Rs.1002-Aug-22Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd.
MCLOUDFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5002-Aug-22Magellanic Cloud Ltd
ORIENTPPRDividend - Rs.0.2502-Aug-22Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.
RAMCOCEMDividend - Rs.302-Aug-22The Ramco Cements Limited
RAMCOINDFinal Dividend - Rs.102-Aug-22Ramco Industries Ltd.
SHKFinal Dividend - Rs.0.7502-Aug-22S H Kelkar And Company Ltd
SIGACHIInterim Dividend - Rs.102-Aug-22Sigachi Industries Ltd
TCPLPACKFinal Dividend - Rs.1002-Aug-22TCPL Packaging Ltd.
UBLDividend - Rs.10.5002-Aug-22United Breweries Ltd.
ULTRACEMCOFinal Dividend - Rs.3802-Aug-22Ultratech Cement Ltd.
ANUHPHRFinal Dividend - Rs.1.7503-Aug-22Anuh Pharma Ltd.
ANURASInterim Dividend - Rs.0.4003-Aug-22Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
COFORGEInterim Dividend - Rs.1303-Aug-22Coforge Ltd
DISAQFinal Dividend - Rs.1003-Aug-22DISA India Ltd.
EKENNISFinal Dividend - Rs.103-Aug-22Ekennis Software Service Ltd
ESABINDIAFinal Dividend - Rs.2003-Aug-22Esab India Ltd.
GREAVESCOTFinal Dividend - Rs.0.2003-Aug-22Greaves Cotton Ltd.
KIRLOSENGFinal Dividend - Rs.2.5003-Aug-22Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
MARUTIFinal Dividend - Rs.6003-Aug-22Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
SHETRInterim Dividend - Rs.0.5003-Aug-22Shetron Ltd.
VICTMILLFinal Dividend - Rs.5003-Aug-22Victoria Mills Ltd.
7TECInterim Dividend - Rs.104-Aug-22Saven Technologies Ltd.
ADFFOODSFinal Dividend - Rs.404-Aug-22ADF Foods Ltd.
AKCAPITFinal Dividend - Rs.304-Aug-22A.K.Capital Services Ltd.
ALFREDHEDividend - Rs.304-Aug-22Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd.
AMJLANDDividend - Rs.0.2004-Aug-22Amj Land Holdings Ltd
ANDHRAPAPFinal Dividend - Rs.7.5004-Aug-22Andhra Paper Ltd
APARINDSDividend - Rs.1504-Aug-22Apar Industries Ltd.
AVANTIDividend - Rs.6.2504-Aug-22Avanti Feeds Ltd.
BATAINDIADividend - Rs.404-Aug-22Bata India Ltd.
BATAINDIASpecial Dividend - Rs.50.5004-Aug-22Bata India Ltd.
BAYERCROPFinal Dividend - Rs.2504-Aug-22Bayer Cropscience Ltd.
BHAGCHEMFinal Dividend - Rs.204-Aug-22Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Ltd.
CHEVIOTFinal Dividend - Rs.6004-Aug-22Cheviot Co.Ltd.
CRISILInterim Dividend - Rs.804-Aug-22Crisil Ltd.
DELTACORPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2504-Aug-22Delta Corp Ltd.
ELGIEQUIPFinal Dividend - Rs.1.1504-Aug-22Elgi Equipments Ltd.
FERMENTAFinal Dividend - Rs.1.2504-Aug-22Fermenta Biotech Ltd
GUJHOTEFinal Dividend - Rs.204-Aug-22Gujarat Hotels Ltd.
JKLAKSHMIFinal Dividend - Rs.504-Aug-22Jk Lakshmi Cement Ltd.
KOLTEPATILFinal Dividend - Rs.204-Aug-22Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd.
KOPRANFinal Dividend - Rs.304-Aug-22Kopran Ltd.
KPTFinal Dividend - Rs.104-Aug-22Kpt Industries Ltd
LLOYDSMEFinal Dividend - Rs.0.5004-Aug-22Lloyds Metals And Energy Ltd.
LLOYDSTEELFinal Dividend - Rs.0.0504-Aug-22Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd
MATRIMONYFinal Dividend - Rs.504-Aug-22Matrimony.Com Ltd
MINDTECKDividend - Rs.104-Aug-22Mindteck (India) Ltd.
PDMJEPAPERDividend - Rs.0.3004-Aug-22Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd
PDMJEPAPERSpecial Dividend - Rs.0.2004-Aug-22Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd
RESONANCEDividend - Rs.104-Aug-22Resonance Specialties Ltd.
RITESInterim Dividend04-Aug-22Rites Ltd
SYMPHONYInterim Dividend - Rs.204-Aug-22Symphony Limited
UNIPHOSDividend - Rs.5.6504-Aug-22Uniphos Enterprises Ltd.
VOITHPAPRDividend - Rs.604-Aug-22Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd.
VOLTAMPFinal Dividend - Rs.3504-Aug-22Voltamp Transformers Ltd.
CENTENKADividend - Rs.1005-Aug-22Century Enka Ltd.
SANOFISpecial Dividend - Rs.19305-Aug-22Sanofi India Ltd

Note: Shares should be bought before ex-date to get the benefit of the Corporate action

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Dividend : Albert David Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd, Hind Rectifiers Ltd, Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd, Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Ltd, DLF Ltd, I G Petrochemicals Ltd, Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd, Orient Paper & Industries Ltd, The Ramco Cements Limited, United Breweries Ltd, Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd, Amj Land Holdings Ltd, Apar Industries Ltd, Avanti Feeds Ltd, Bata India Ltd, Mindteck (India) Ltd, Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd, Resonance Specialties Ltd, Uniphos Enterprises Ltd, Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd, Century Enka Ltd.

Final Dividend : Gail (India) Ltd, Kirloskar Industries Ltd, Menon Pistons Ltd, Nava Ltd, Paushak Ltd, Punjab Chemicals And Crop Protection Ltd, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, Unichem Laboratories Ltd, Abbott India Ltd, Anand Rathi Wealth Ltd, Centum Electronics Ltd, Cummins India Ltd, Hercules Hoists Ltd, J.K.Cement Ltd, K.C.P.Ltd, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, Magellanic Cloud Ltd, Ramco Industries Ltd, S H Kelkar And Company Ltd, TCPL Packaging Ltd, Ultratech Cement Ltd, Anuh Pharma Ltd, DISA India Ltd, Ekennis Software Service Ltd, Esab India Ltd, Greaves Cotton Ltd, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Victoria Mills Ltd, ADF Foods Ltd, A.K.Capital Services Ltd, Andhra Paper Ltd, Bayer Cropscience Ltd, Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Ltd, Cheviot Co.Ltd, Delta Corp Ltd, Elgi Equipments Ltd, Fermenta Biotech Lt, Gujarat Hotels Ltd, Jk Lakshmi Cement Ltd, Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd, Kopran Ltd, Kpt Industries Ltd, Lloyds Metals And Energy Ltd, Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd, Matrimony.Com Ltd, Voltamp Transformers Ltd.

Interim Dividend : IIFL Wealth Management Ltd, Sigachi Industries Ltd, Anupam Rasayan India Ltd, Coforge Ltd, Shetron Ltd, Saven Technologies Ltd, Crisil Ltd, Rites Ltd, Symphony Limited.

Special Dividend : Abbott India Ltd, Hercules Hoists Ltd, Bata India Ltd, Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd, Sanofi India Ltd.


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