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Build your own custom strategies or connect directly with third-party platforms to execute trades swiftly and effortlessly through our powerful APIs – absolutely FREE!

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Secure login access

REST-based API provides a standard way for other programs to interact with our service

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Live Market Feeds

Get access to top 5 BID/ASK market depth details

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Orders & Products

Place new orders, modify orders or cancel/limit market orders across various products CNC, CNF, etc.

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Historical data

Get access to past market data for your building and back-testing strategies. Daily, weekly and monthly past data available since year 2000.

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Multiple Reports

Limits, Order Status, Order Details, Trade book, Position & Holdings

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Advanced Order Placement

Coming Soon!.

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For queries related to our APIs or third-party platform integration needs, reach out to us on

Integration with multiple languages

Select any programming with language and build your own trading platform using advanced Cloud-based technology

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How does it Work ?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Espresso Trading API

Yes, it is available for all active Espresso Customers.

Yes! We offer Rest APIs that can be used in many languages. Currently, we offer API for the following languages:

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. Go
  5. .NET
  6. R
  7. PHP

You can place Intraday and Delivery orders via API and other orders as well, subject to availability as per segments, Exchange, and risk policies.