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Open Espresso Demat Account

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Open Espresso Demat Account Steps Open Espresso Demat Account Steps Open Espresso Demat Account Steps Open Espresso Demat Account Steps

Documents required to open a demat account

Documents required to open a demat account

Identify Proof

PAN card is mandatory. (Please ensure your photo and sign on the card are clearly visible)

Documents required to open a demat account

Bank Proof

Bank account statements of last 6 months or cancelled cheque or passbook.

Documents required to open a demat account

Address Proof

Aadhaar or Passport or Driving License or Voter ID or bank account statements.

Documents required to open a demat account

Latest Photograph

One Passport size photograph is a must. (provide clearly visible and latest photograph)

Documents required to open a demat account


Photo of your signature on a white paper. (signature must match the one on your PAN card)

What our customers have to say

What our customers have to say

October, 2022

October, 2022

October, 2022

October, 2022

March, 2023

March, 2023

What our customers have to say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Account opening is Free. 1st year AMC is free & from 2nd year onwards Rs. 400/year + GST is charged annually. All other charges, as well as taxes and other statutory/exchange charges, remain the same.
15 minutes only. This is applicable during office hours to sole holders of Resident Indian accounts that are KRA verified; the account would also be open after all procedures relating to IPV and client diligence are completed.
Any Indian citizen can open a Demat account with a PAN card and an Aadhaar card. Currently, Espresso is opening accounts for individuals residing in India only. So, no NRIs.
The types of documents needed to open a Demat account in India are as follows: PAN Card, Photograph, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, Proof of Bank Account & Proof of Income (for derivative trading)
For an individual to be eligible to open a Demat account, they must:
  • Be a resident of India
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a PAN card
  • Have identity proof (such as an Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, etc.)
  • Have an address proof
  • Have a bank account
  • Aadhaar link with Mobile number
To apply for an IPO, you must have a Demat account. Applying for an IPO is known as applying in the primary market. When you apply for an IPO, you do so through your broker, who will place the order on your behalf. Your shares will be allotted based on the lottery and credited to your Demat account.
A Demat account is required to hold shares electronically, and a trading account is needed to trade in shares. An individual cannot open a Demat account without a trading account; however, he can have a trading account without a Demat account. Moreover, the Demat account is linked to the trading account and is used to receive securities after the trade is executed..
Individuals can open multiple Demat accounts with different Depository Participants (DPs). There is no limit on the number of Demat accounts an investor can open. However, one must remember that a PAN (Permanent Account Number) is required to be mentioned in all the Demat account applications.
There are a few different types of accounts that you can open with a bank. The most common type of account is a checking account, which allows you to write checks or use a debit card to make purchases. Another type of account is a savings account, which will enable you to save money for future use. Lastly, you can also open an investment account to invest money in stocks.
A demat account (abbreviation of dematerialised account) allows the user to hold the shares and securities in an electronic format. A demat account in India is just like a bank account. Where a bank account holds your money, when you open a demat account, you can use it to hold the digital copies of your shares and stocks.
You can use a registered stockbroker for opening this account as there are no mandated entities involved in its operation. To open demat account, three things need to be done: registration with Depository Participant (DP), enrollment with Central Securities Depository Limited (CDSL) and linkage between DP & CDSL accounts through the NSDL eSign system. The process for Demat account opening in India is uniform across DPs. You need to fill an account opening form, KYC form, and submit documents as prescribed by the depositories.
Espresso offers a Transparent Pricing with ZERO Delivery brokerage, ZERO Account Opening charges, Free fund transfer & withdrawal, Free Auto Square Off for MIS & MIS+ Orders and Espresso platform features are co-created with and for traders, to help them succeed consistently,
In addition to providing a safe entry ticket into the capital market, a demat account also acts as a safe deposit of your savings and financial commodities. Your demat account can hold your shares and securities, with the assistance of a renowned stockbroker, you can complete the process of opening a paperless Demat account in just a few minutes. All you need to do is fill out an application form along with the digitized versions of your documents.