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Espresso Shot : 2 August – 6 August Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

July 30, 2021
Espresso Shot : 2 August – 6 August Next Week Key Corporate Action (Dividend, Bonus, Buy Back etc.)

Corporate Action Details

SymbolCorporate ActionEx-DateFace Value (Rs)Company
NESCOAGM/Dividend - Rs 3 per share02-Aug-212Nesco Limited
MAANALUBonus 1: 102-Aug-2110Maan Aluminium Limited
KIRLOSINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 10 per share02-Aug-2110Kirloskar Industries Limited
ICICIGIAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share02-Aug-2110ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
WIPLAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.8 per share02-Aug-2110The Western India Plywoods Limited
SHKAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.75 per share02-Aug-2110S H Kelkar and Company Limited
CENTUMDividend - Rs 2 per share02-Aug-2110Centum Electronics Limited
ULTRACEMCOAGM/Dividend - Rs 37 per share02-Aug-2110UltraTech Cement Limited
GEPILAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share02-Aug-2110GE Power India Limited
BRIGADEDividend - Rs 1.2 per share02-Aug-2110Brigade Enterprises Limited
AARTISURFDividend - Rs 3 per share02-Aug-2110Aarti Surfactants Limited
MOTILALOFSDividend - Rs 5 per share02-Aug-211Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited
AUTOAXLESAGM/Dividend - Rs 4.5 per share03-Aug-2110Automotive Axles Limited
CRISILInterim Dividend - Rs 8 per share03-Aug-211CRISIL Limited
GLOBEFace Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10 per share to Rs 2 per share03-Aug-2110Globe Textiles (India) Limited
GLOBEBonus 2:103-Aug-2110Globe Textiles (India) Limited
GPILDividend - Rs 13.5 per share / Interim Dividend - Rs 5 per share03-Aug-2110Godawari Power and Ispat limited
GREAVESCOTDividend - Rs 0.2 per share03-Aug-212Greaves Cotton Limited
MATRIMONYDividend - Rs 3.5 per share03-Aug-215Matrimony.com Limited
JKCEMENTAGM/Dividend - Rs 15 per share03-Aug-2110JK Cement Limited
PUNJABCHEMDividend - Rs 2 per share03-Aug-2110Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited
UNIDTInterim Dividend - Rs 0.6 per share03-Aug-2110United Drilling Tools Limited
GRPLTDAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.5 per share04-Aug-2110GRP Limited
GOODYEARAGM/Dividend - Rs 18 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 80 per share04-Aug-2110Goodyear India Limited
KIRLOSENGAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.5 per share04-Aug-212Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited
MRFAGM/Dividend - Rs 94 per share / Special Dividend - Rs 50 per share04-Aug-2110MRF Limited
TIINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share04-Aug-211Tube Investments of India Limited
VINYLINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 3.75 per share04-Aug-211Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited
BATAINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 4 per share04-Aug-215Bata India Limited
CLNINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 15 per share04-Aug-2110Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
ESABINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 25 per share04-Aug-2110Esab India Limited
CUMMINSINDAGM/Dividend - Rs 8 per share04-Aug-212Cummins India Limited
GODREJAGROAGM/Dividend - Rs 8 per share04-Aug-2110Godrej Agrovet Limited
HIRECTAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.4 per share04-Aug-212Hind Rectifiers Limited
GRANULESInterim Dividend - Rs 0.25 per share05-Aug-211Granules India Limited
KALYANIFRGAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.5 per share05-Aug-2110Kalyani Forge Limited
MARUTIDividend - Rs 45 per share05-Aug-215Maruti Suzuki India Limited
KOPRANDividend - Rs 1.5 per share05-Aug-2110Kopran Limited
JAYAGROGNAGM/Dividend - Re 1 per share05-Aug-215Jayant Agro Organics Limited
NCCAGM/Dividend - Rs 0.8 per share05-Aug-212NCC Limited
SRFInterim Dividend - Rs 12 per share05-Aug-2110SRF Limited
VAIBHAVGBLInterim Dividend05-Aug-212Vaibhav Global Limited
UNITEDTEAAGM/Dividend - Rs 1.7 per share05-Aug-2110The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited
AKZOINDIAAGM/Dividend - Rs 30 per share05-Aug-2110Akzo Nobel India Limited
APARINDSAGM/Dividend - Rs 9.5 per share05-Aug-2110Apar Industries Limited
BSEDividend - Rs 21 per share05-Aug-212BSE Limited
AVANTIFEEDAGM/Dividend - Rs 6.25 per share05-Aug-211Avanti Feeds Limited
DVLAGM/Dividend - Rs 2.5 per share05-Aug-2110Dhunseri Ventures Limited
ERISInterim Dividend05-Aug-211Eris Lifesciences Limited
DFMFOODSDividend - Re 1 per share05-Aug-212DFM Foods Limited
GMMPFAUDLRAGM/Dividend - Rs 2 per share05-Aug-212GMM Pfaudler Limited
GOODLUCKInterim Dividend05-Aug-212Goodluck India Limited
GPPLDividend - Rs 2.4 per share05-Aug-2110Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited
JUBLFOODDividend - Rs 6 per share06-Aug-2110Jubilant Foodworks Limited
SONATSOFTWAGM/Dividend - Rs 10 per share06-Aug-211Sonata Software Limited
PRIMESECUAGM/Dividend - Rs 4.5 per share06-Aug-215Prime Securities Limited

Note: Shares should be bought before the date of the Corporate action to get the benefits of the same.

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Corporate Action Details

AGM/Dividend: Nesco Limited, Kirloskar Industries Limited, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, The Western India Plywoods Limited, S H Kelkar and Company Limited, UltraTech Cement Limited, GE Power India Limited, Automotive Axles Limited, JK Cement Limited, GRP Limited, Goodyear India Limited, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, MRF Limited, Tube Investments of India Limited, Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited, Bata India Limited, Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited, Esab India Limited, Cummins India Limited, Godrej Agrovet Limited, Hind Rectifiers Limited, Kalyani Forge Limited, Jayant Agro Organics Limited, NCC Limited, The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited, Akzo Nobel India Limited, Apar Industries Limited, Avanti Feeds Limited, Dhunseri Ventures Limited, GMM Pfaudler Limited, Sonata Software Limited, Prime Securities Limited

Bonus: Maan Aluminium Limited, Globe Textiles (India) Limited

Dividend: Centum Electronics Limited, Brigade Enterprises Limited, Aarti Surfactants Limited, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, Godawari Power and Ispat limited, Greaves Cotton Limited, Matrimony.com Limited, Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Kopran Limited, BSE Limited, DFM Foods Limited, Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited, Jubilant Foodworks Limited

Interim Dividend: CRISIL Limited, United Drilling Tools Limited, Granules India Limited, SRF Limited, Vaibhav Global Limited, Eris Lifesciences Limited, Goodluck India Limited

Face Value Split (Sub-Division): Globe Textiles (India) Limited

Source: NSE and Espresso App

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