Know about Espresso app’s most prominent features


New Milestone | Deep Dive into Espresso app’s most prominent features

May 18, 2022
New Milestone | Deep Dive into Espresso app’s most prominent features

The Espresso app has completed 1.4 million downloads! We cannot thank you all enough for this!

In light of this monumental occasion, we thought we should take you on a deep dive tour of the different Espresso Features our customers love! If you are new to the world of Espresso, then this blog can be your guide to navigating the myriad intuitive features that our Espresso app has to offer. If you are just checking us out and haven’t actually downloaded the Espresso app, then this blog can tell you why you should start smelling our brews!

So let’s begin:

Smart search for all types of users with Multi Action: Searching on the Espresso app does not just lead you to the right stock. Once you have entered the desired stock, you can perform a range of functions on it without having to move a muscle. You can view the stock on the chart and view the strike price. Not just that, you can also sell or buy the stock without adding it to the watch list. 

Split order functionality: Split order functionality is one of our marquee features. Through this feature, you can place as many orders as you want in Nifty & Bank Nifty, without worrying about being rejected. Here’s how it works: A split order is the system-based intelligent order processing mechanism where the order will be split into two or more orders according to the limit set by the Exchange. To know more about the feature, check out this easy to understand Youtube video:

Margin on order form: One of the major pain areas traders of all kinds face is that they do not know how much money is required to buy/sell with order type. Many a times traders are also not aware of how much money they have overall. With margin on order form functionality, you will know exactly how much money you require to place an order. To know more about this feature, click here:

Option chain with Greeks: Most trading apps across the trading universe do not have features like Real Time Data for Price, Open Interest, Implied volatility, Real Time Greeks, Performance features like long buildup/short build up. However, with the Espresso app you can buy/sell with quick, OI conditions strike wise such as long buildup, short buildup, long unwinding, short recovering, and implied volatility.

Custom shortcut bar: Wish you could navigate your way to a particular feature easily? Well, we have just what you need! Thanks to the custom short cut bar, you can decide what you want a short cut for and how you want it. To know more about this feature, click here:

Square off bracket from Positions: There used to be a time when the user would check loss and profit in the net position. Also, in case of bracket order the user would have to go to the order book to cancel the order. This lengthy process also meant one had to constantly track the markets. However, thanks to Espresso’s innate understanding of customers’ pain points and highly qualified app designers, this problem has been eliminated. Now you can square off bracket orders from the net position itself…how cool is that? To know more about this feature, click here:

Feel It Say It Feature: With our “feel it say it” feature, you can give us your praises, your suggestions, your critical feedback all within the app itself. You don’t have to go to Google play store or the app store and wait for a customer representative to answer to your review! Don’t like writing reviews but still want to convey to the team your point of view? No problem! Just shake your phone to give your feedback. yup you heard it right! To know more about the feature, click here:

Indices/Market movers: With our market indices facility, you can track all NSE/BSE indices in a single screen. Not just that, you can also apply different conditions and scan the entire market as per your needs and wants.

The above write-up was a broad overview of some of our prominent features. If this blog has triggered your curiosity and you would like to check out more of “oh-that’s-what-I-was-looking-for” features on the Espressso app, download it now.  

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